'PUBG' studio sues Epic Games over 'Fortnite' battle royale mode | Engadget Today - battle-crest.com

‘PUBG’ studio sues Epic Games over ‘Fortnite’ battle royale mode | Engadget Today

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It claims ‘Fortnite’ elements violate copyright.

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  1. Ok first off battle Royale book was the first battle Royale thing to come in 2000 and then Hunger games came in 2012 and then hunger games in Minecraft the same or next year , then PUBG came out in March 23 2017, Fortnite then came out in July 25, 2017, rules of survival came out November 17,2017, and H1Z1 came out in February 28, 2018, Fortnite released mobile I don’t know which date, but then PUBG released mobile the same month that Fortnite did because it was popular on mobile, (#1 free game the day it came out). And yet nobody sued anybody until PUBG did right now, Fortnite could of sued them, but PUBG is doing stuff to ruin there games I see no reason why to sue Fortnite. And their games are totally different, Fortnite has shopping carts (which came out today) they have jet packs ( came out earlier this week) they have pickaxes and you can build, they don’t have cars that you can drive, they have cartoonish graphics. They don’t have backpacks where you can store things, they don’t have helmets to protect you, and they don’t have her adds that are stun and smoke, they used to have smoke but not anymore, and one more thing, Rules of survival added backpacks as looks like Fortnite, and Fortnite didn’t sue them either.

  2. They just mad that its pulling more players and money. Think about it, if it wasnt blowing, would pubg try to sue them?

  3. This situation is dumb to me. I am a fan of Fortnite and I play a lot, I respect PUBG but they can’t sue a company over copying the concept of being a battle royale game mode.

  4. Oh big whoop! You do not see DBZ sueing Sonic about the whole "Super Saiyan/ Super Sonic" mess.

  5. I hate little kids that can’t take their skill and play pubg. Little kids only like fortnite because their mommy’s can one give them money and it’s a cartoon so pubg has cars scope and attachments. Fortnite has future which is shitty. Men play pubg for its competition kids play fortnite cause they are shit

  6. lets agree that kids and teens like to play fortnite and asults and older teens like to play pubg
    Theyre both good games with ban communitys

  7. Can we coptystrike fortnite battleroyale???!! -pubg

  8. Couldn’t epic just kill pubg by taking away unreal from them

  9. PUBG payed Epic to use their engine but then Epic copied them

  10. PUBG is jealous desprate for money and fucked up anyways

  11. How will they Sue epic games if they run the game engine that pubg used

  12. Come on PUBG studio. Why even get yourself into this situation?

  13. Well pubg has blood so fortnite more for kids and fortnite is cartooney and h1z1 is more similar to pubg.

  14. its just a game i like em both but its still just a game

  15. I allways said that fortnite copied pubg in so many ways to fortnite people, and they just said: no they didnt. I dont know ehy fortnites so popular, but it did copy pubg in many ways so im glad to see this

  16. Pub is just jealous because it does not have as much success as fortnite

  17. PUBG can't sue EPIC for this, as Epic have the legal terms, rights, and copyright to get out of this, come on Bluehole, no need.

  18. pubg just mad because fortnite blew up before they game and pubg is like h1z1 and h1z1 came out before pubg and pubg is baicly a nock off h1z1 and they both look the same so h1z1 could realy sue pubg + pubg could have been more popuar than fortnite if it was free but its not and if pubg sue fortnite i bet like only 10% people will play pubg all pubg wants is money because fortnite is better than pubg. 🙁

  19. HIZI and pubg are more the same they just pubg just mad because fortnite took ninja

  20. Copyrighting basic mechanics that help make the game work



  21. PUBG is gonna lose more and more players cause their being intitled and think they deserve more players

  22. PUBE G WTF!!!!! I’m such a child. He keeps saying it!!! Omfg!!!

  23. Pubg:💯👌👌👌

  24. We already know what will happen if pubg wins…

    The world will burn and be a waste land, only consisting of angry 9 year olds.

  25. PUBG is being stupid now they will lose popularity for this becausethere are many fortnite players also playing pubg pubg is just jealous

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