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Ranking The BEST Battle Royale Games Ever Released

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Top 10 BEST Battle Royale Games Ever Released…
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Top 10 BEST Battle Royale Games Ever Released…



  1. Haven’t watched it yet but hoping Minecraft hunger games is number 1

  2. Spellbreak was SOOOO good I wish I could run it well

  3. Building in fortnite ruined it for me the power disparity between who can build well and raw Aimers is too big for me

  4. What i don't like about apex legends is the time to kill is too long, but is fun


  6. Clearly yall have never played population One

  7. Warzone is better then fortnite. And should have been number 1

  8. All of these are good br's spellbreak needs love. ❤ Fortnite was a really good game but its toooooo sweaty.

  9. Pubg at one
    H1z1 at 2 😂😂😂😂😂
    Apex should be 1

  10. Hey you should do a list of best indie/sleeper hits of all time or of every year since 2000 list. I really feel that would be a great list and give people a lot of unknown games to try

  11. I honestly thought Alex was going to win this one

  12. There's nothing wrong with Blockout X Warzone (COD Battle Royale) (BO4 & MW (2019)) (COD Series) everything for god's sake!!

  13. I don't hate fartnite but if i locked in a room with that Tik tok & fartnite with an olympia i will shoot fartnite Twice

  14. Not a fan of PUBG but agree it deserves top spot

  15. Law breakers was underrated it was better than hyper scale and apex got thier design from them

  16. Thank god he put pubg first and not fortnite

  17. Apex legends recently released the beta for a mobile version of their game so….yeah. It ain't going nowhere

  18. That spellbreak game was made by treyarch thee treyarch the ppl behind cod blops wtf

  19. Ring of Elysium I never heard of it but from the clips that you've shown us it looks like a mix of pubg and BO3. And I'm still waiting for a Transformers campaign multiplayer and Battle Royale game 2 be number 1

  20. And the hate u got for putting fortnite on number 4 spot was 15 dislikes.and I'm glad u put apex in 3.i got h1z1 when it was free on ps4 and I literally knew that u were gonna put pubg in number 1

  21. Honestly if I'm being objective then I agree with this list. But Warzone is still my favourite

  22. Oh man I love that apex is ahead of warzone ive been playing since day 1 and yes it has had its ups and downs but if you’re reading this and if you haven’t played apex yet give it a try this next season is gonna be great and it’s so good and the movement and gunplay are buttery smooth

  23. My top 5:

    1. PUBG
    2. Apex
    3. Fortnite
    4. Realm royale
    5. Minecraft hunger/survival games

  24. Cmon man fortnite above Warzone? Warzone is litterally considered the Fortnite killer

  25. My favourite is and will always be Fortnite. Apex is not my scene and I just don’t get Warzone

  26. In fortnite people just to kill 1 dude make a whole goddamn tower and it's just building wayy more than shooting

  27. you forgot to mention that apex legends had 1 million player count within 24 hours of its release, not cool man lol

  28. Why is warzone on this list tetris deserve that spot

  29. YES YES YES! I was hoping you would say PUBG #1. PUBG is unique in the sense that every game tells its own in-depth story (moreso than other BRs). Take a car, it's running out of fuel, let's take cover in these small houses. Shit we have to cross the bridge and there's a team camping it. So many scenarios. All the other BRs (including Warzone) doesn't seem to capture this story element as well (maybe theyre too fast paced) and PUBG has a lot more tactics involved. RIP PUBG, the greatest BR made so far.

  30. You guys should try playing Darwin Project it is a fun game, it is free on xbox, playstation and steam. there is also twitch integration on steam, so if you connect your twitch account your viewers can join in too

  31. Chaos put warzone in number 5 again on a battle royal top ten list

  32. I remember a survival game style br game from a while back it think The Culling it was called. It felt basicaly like the Hunger Games Movie series. Does my memory serve me well? If so it The Culling still a thing?

  33. The actual top 5
    1. Fortnite (in its prime it was very good and made it popular)
    2. Warzone
    3. PUBG
    4. Apex
    5. H1Z1

  34. Bro you keep saying BR and it sounds like VR. Had me thinking its virtual reality game.

  35. if you guys hate fortnight you guys don’t understand that epic games work so hard on their games and we have to appreciate what they did for us no one ever stop to think that they did this for us we wanted something like this we wanted building a new map new weapons we got it start to understand epic did for us They teatime on their games and I hate the fact that every pro is hating on epic including Donald master because he’s a developer I am anyways they’re becoming successful unlike you guys

  36. Made me happy to see blackout in here. I totally agree if it were a f2p game warzone may not of been here at all

  37. realm royale is best battle royale game ever

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