Real Life PAINTBALL Fortnite Battle Royale -

Real Life PAINTBALL Fortnite Battle Royale

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0:05 | Julius Dreisig – Barakah Buy here:
02:21 | Evan King – Enchiridion
02:51 | Evan King – Breaching Charge
03:10 | Evan King | Singularity
Evan King Channel:
06:04 & 11:17 | Chris Haigh – Infinite Power
Check out his official music channel here!
10:56 | DTD Music – Everything Comes To Their End
DTD Music Channel:

How I record my gameplay!:


  1. The angry millimeter unusually mix because aquarius cumulatively escape abaft a painful crush. threatening, wrong chef

  2. Now we look back, this was kinda cringe but still jokes and sweet memories

  3. Harry’s distrack on the party bus was great

  4. Ur telling me the nerf gun does more damage than the legendary

  5. Anyone else back here in April 2021, this was a banger

  6. Damn Chris!
    "Dab at me again and I'll dab at your funeral"

  7. How did you get them to go to jersey and why are you at the adventure park in les ormes

  8. This video banged when it came out. Looking back now it’s ehhhhhh 😬🤣

  9. Watching this in 2021 still got that insane level of excitement, this is mad🔥

  10. This video is possibly better than the who,e of the content of > October 2019 Fortnite.

  11. Such a mf classic I have been searching for this ever since I first watched it

  12. Im here bcuz this vid gives him the most money

  13. At the beginning everyone was like, “help me…”

  14. So apparently Shannon came up with this idea nice! (from a Shannon vid=

  15. Nurf 100 and something to head paintball 94

  16. love chris when he did this, he do this again

  17. What's happened to fifa love him on there

  18. In the battle bus when the w2s’s diss track on KSI had me laughing

  19. Theo predicted the Storm Trooper being added ??????

  20. I literally went to creepy valley a few days before I watched this video

  21. Not paintball but still great content from 2022😊😊

  22. I've got 3 football videos edited and lined up, with some insane footballers.
    So don't worry, my channel won't be becoming any more Fortnite any time soon!

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