Rec Room Battle Royale on the Oculus Quest 2 is Amazing! -

Rec Room Battle Royale on the Oculus Quest 2 is Amazing!

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Today we are playing Rec Room on the Oculus Quest 2, one of the best VR games out there. We”ll be diving into its very own VR battle royale mode known as Rec Royale. Between Population One and Fortnite this is the most easy one to get into on the Quest. Enjoy the gameplay!

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  1. Not because of oculus quest 2. Its because your skill is good

  2. I have a oculus quest 2 and I have rec room AND I have played rec royaI

  3. I wanna try rec room but I'm worried ill see weird things

  4. I watched you vids since the oculus quest the normal one

  5. You’re really good and I’m to I lost 1 game but all my games I win

  6. Is nobody gonna ask why he has a rec room cup irl?

  7. What’s your name on rec room I want you a friend

  8. I doubt you'll ever see this but since your request to have you ever had the problem where it won't let you sign in your account like you'll just get stuck on the orange loading screen it'll just give you the error code 3 every every time we try and login

  9. LETS GO REC ROOM all of the youtuber is playing yes

  10. I had to change my name to hank when I quit the game.

  11. Does the oculus quest 2 have a mic already built into it or do I have to buy one and what one should I buy

  12. Rec Room has a great community?
    I think you have never visited a rec center

  13. I’m getting the oculus for my birthday and I’m getting rec room on the oculus birthday:oct 30

  14. I love recoom I never stop playing

  15. my dad is saying that I need alot of space to play on vr so i don't currently have one. im showing my dad this video, this guy has barely any space, i have more space than him. i am making it my mission to get quest 2.

  16. Rec royale is basically a free version of population one

  17. That was some good hunting. Entertaining as always. Keep up the good work.

  18. Literally every day I say that I want an Oculus quest 2 but I do have psvr but I want more games to play

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