Rec Room Battle Royale on the Oculus Quest 2 is Amazing! -

Rec Room Battle Royale on the Oculus Quest 2 is Amazing!

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Today we are playing Rec Room on the Oculus Quest 2, one of the best VR games out there. We”ll be diving into its very own VR battle royale mode known as Rec Royale. Between Population One and Fortnite this is the most easy one to get into on the Quest. Enjoy the gameplay!

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  1. It's a great community until LittleViper83 starts being toxic because you didnt get him anything

  2. Me: six years old and not complaining


  3. Rec room is amazing because you can really be anything you want to be

  4. I'm only fine with you wearing shoes indoors if you promise they've never been outdoors..

  5. My favourite weopon is by far the Paintball pistol i have godly aim with it and the damage is broken

  6. POV: You have the quest 1 and its not available on it and cant get the quest 2 cus either
    1. you cant afford it
    2. You just bought your 1 recently
    3. you cant sell it because nobody would buy a quest 1 when they can get a quest 2 for cheaper

  7. Purple and gold pistols op purple paint 6 shots full health and shield

  8. how do you get this good performance in rec room with this quest 2

  9. I’m so Excited for tomorrow because I’m gonna get my oculus quest 2 I had a oculus quest 1 but it broke but I’m gonna get a oculus quest 2 so I’m so happy

  10. Not to ruin Ur excitement but in the towards the end of the game u became invincible yeah 😗

  11. I can’t find where to play this

  12. Rec room is fun but on the quest 2 is so much fun. The quest 2 is awesome

  13. Told my mom what h me but this oculus and then they realest a new one. Guess what to no shocker they realesed one.

  14. ok ty now i will try also I played your arcade nice 90's jacket

  15. If this oculus was not a thing i’d have to wait till i am 20 years old to get a pc and 8 months for a vr

  16. I have a quest 1 and can’t play rec royale le big sad

  17. Does anyone know when the battle pass is ending

  18. Add me ill carry you in golden trophy

  19. Fuck excuse my language vr chats community like they are so mean

  20. I miss the old days of rec room, when there wasn't any salty toxic kids roaming…

  21. Keep up the amazing work , you are doing really well.
    Pls do more rec room

  22. I think nintendo should release rec room on switch and take advantage of the nintendo switch's motion controlles

  23. he was invincible for the last part of the first round lol

  24. remember when you did not have a vr headset and you see him allways and now you see him and he is not good

  25. قايز شنو اسم الجهاز الاسواد الي على عيونة ؟؟

  26. Mine is the bow if that is in there . If not then paint sniper

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