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Ring of Elysium – Official Gameplay Trailer | Free to Play Battle Royale

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Escape an astonishing disaster in Ring of Elysium, a battle royale shooter developed by Tencent Games.

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  1. Was a good game and the best trailer for it May the game rest in piece due to the Devs not caring

  2. Dev's ran the game into the ground, return to the OG ROE.

  3. i miss this game so much… they ruined it…

  4. When you realize this trailer was just an exact copy of the Steep trailer

  5. this is not a very good video as i doesn't say, who the enemy is only that your supposed to rescue some people!

  6. This was the perfect game. I love mountains, I love shooters, I love winter. The only thing I didn't like about Battle Royale was that it didn't make sense to kill everyone. This game had a story: you were stranded as a tourist and had to fight for the last rescue helicopter. I've had countless of laughs and hours of fun with my ex girlfriend that it makes me sad that I can't relive those memories. It pains me deeply in my heart that the developers killed this perfect game like this. :,(

  7. The music is from WDL, the guy that made the them song for the 2015 cricket WC

  8. When Aurora brings that back… Holy shit they need stronger Servers for the vertical launched player statistics

  9. I used to love this game soo much, but then the new map got released and the playerbase started falling like crazy.
    idk what happened, but i want the old map again, might have to check the game again, don't know what it looks like since last i played.

  10. Imagine if this is actually steep, then a this happened

  11. I love this trailer and the version of the game – snow map its mega nice

  12. I like the plot of this trailer is that there’s a cold wave coming and tourist are forced to fend for themselves. Like who’s gonna have a bunch of guns laying all over a ski resort and kill other tourists 😂

  13. This used to be the best BR for me.
    It hasnt been the same for almost two years now.

  14. I'd still play this game if it was this, not whatever bs it's now.

  15. If any of you are thinking about playing the game. Just know that the snow map is now a limited-time event. Also, to get into a match, expect a 10 minute wait time.

  16. I'm back here after 1.5k hours in this game….and I can tell… That was the one and only game that I actually loved

  17. Its sad this game died so fast it had so much potential

  18. When I first saw this, I thought it was a survival game. And was hyped, found out it was a BR and was still hyped because…. snow and the story behind the first map, Mount Deoni.

  19. Wish it hadn't died 🙁 and I wish Mount Dioni stayed

  20. I still look at the patch notes of this game from time to time, I'm impressed it made it to Season 13 (maybe they just are to stubborn to let it die) i stopped playing shortly after season 4 or 5, nothing beats the charm of the first map and early days of the second, although the maps rings are creative as hell , none of them are the same, hell even the lore they had been building was interesting before that was dropped WAY before season 1. Damn shame this game lost its charm, it looks amazing and from what i know they really do care about the game, just not enough to advertise at all.

  21. This game would’ve been a great open world adventure type of game. But then I remember seeing that it was a battle royal and I was kinda disappointed

  22. This was such an amazing game until they got money hungry and treated this game like fortnight, truly sad..

  23. So sad the devs killed this to cash grab like fornite. Ill miss you europa….

  24. developers where is the marketing?

    Where do you want to be successful without marketing?

    This game is wonderful, it can even surpass PUBG for sure.

  25. It was my favorite map ever and still in 2021

  26. you just can't play what this trailer is anymore. I really wish this was the game but it isn't.

  27. I still think about what could have been with this game. Such a unique premise with interesting mechanics, yet so much wasted potential. Dione had so much charm and character – a proper snow map in a BR game. The game just became completely unrecognizable so quickly. What a shame.

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