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Ring of Elysium – Official Gameplay Trailer | Free to Play Battle Royale

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Escape an astonishing disaster in Ring of Elysium, a battle royale shooter developed by Tencent Games.

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  1. It is snowing in my location as I watch this, the only problem. . . its March and I am on the middle of Virginia!

  2. BATTLE ROYALE…Battle Royale…bAtLE rOyalE…blattye roeal…blattle rawr…blatt…blah…bluuuuu…ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

  3. Damn roe was such a good game with the old map and everything it’s sends chill down my spin watching this but now they just messed the game up by adding a new map you can do duos and can barely do solos and we can’t even go back to the og map roe can you please just put us back to the frozen winter please

  4. The game was so good at that time. bring back the snow map 🙁

  5. I regret not playing this game more when it was like this

  6. This Game Killed Itself. I loved it but its not good anymore. TENCENT FIX IT PLS!!!!

  7. You dont know how much i miss when this game was still good…

  8. They took a completely good game and map and managed to destroy it sadly

  9. I miss what this game used to be. I would pay money to play this version of the game again. =(

  10. I want this game to be back to it's original roots…

  11. This is the Ring of Elysium I knew. They ruined the game after the winter story line.

  12. Dude the best game trailer I ever seen tbh other than destiny 1

  13. I was never able to play it cause I had a bad pic but now I'm sad I will never get to play the original version

  14. What happened to you man, this game used to be so good but now its dogshit, the maps are bad fucking campers everywhere, you added a overly complicated and useless car upgrading system and pointless gadgets. This version of the game was at its peak of being good. Revert the updates and bring this back, it was way better than now.

  15. Sad how the game has turned out to be something thats just full of bots and no winter

  16. Returned here to see how good game was before this shitty desert map I don't even know name of came.

  17. i just came back to see if anybody still cares abt the game 🥺

  18. this game had 15,000k Player base and even more at start.. now it's 550 Player base! GG Tencent, you killed your game by doing SO MUCH mistake and ignorence!

    #1 No anti-cheat
    #2 no duo, only solo or squad
    #3 forced changing map! You deleted the old map to implement the new one, that no one asked for! (for me i started playing on Europa, and it was a good map, but having the choice between Dione and Europa would have made the game better!)
    #4 No listening to the community!
    Tencent had a golden egg with a lots of potential and money doing! if they had listening the community instead of trying to find a way to destroy slowly this game, which will cost them a lot of effort and money for nothing.

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