Scavengers could be the next big Battle Royale | Preview -

Scavengers could be the next big Battle Royale | Preview

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Scavengers is battle royale, but not quite, with a focus on survival and resource gathering, with plenty of avenues to success besides gunning down every other player. To see what we mean, check out James’ video preview.

Or you can just play Scavengers yourself, because it’s out on April 28, sort of. To play Scavengers, you’ll need to do the following on April 28:

– Create an Improbable game account and link it with your Twitch account.
– Watch 30 minutes of any Scavengers stream.
– After you have claimed your Twitch Drop, you’ll receive an email with the Scavengers Steam Key and you can start playing.

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    1:55 Check my about p age for the best call of duty ch ea ts

  2. Let's take a moment to appreciate how much time and effort he puts into his content for us. Love the videos!

  3. My how the great have fallen. PC Gamer with only 246K subs. Feels bad man. Great review though! I'm sold.

  4. Very thoughtful look at the game, thank you!

  5. Hyped, see you on wednesday! Played the beta, it was fun!

  6. Big Tony Alpental the Wizard T. The king, the architect, unstoppable, unkillable, the terminator, #1 scavenger worldwide.

  7. Sounds like he's reading from a paper and he doesn't like what he's reading…

  8. With this focus on as realistic graphics as possible all these triple a games start to look the same.

  9. While I like the idea, I'm not sure if I am psychologically and physically ready to process so many things in my head when playing a game. Survival, pvp, pve.. all at the same time. I'm far from done with those stuff.. This game feels like instead of playing to have fun, you're playing to get stressed. Or I'm just simply getting old man…

  10. Had a heap of friends who played the beta and said this game was complete trash

  11. Why do I have to see this guy sitting in his room? Get a green screen and stand in front of it. Unnecessary cuts to his stupid face. Terrible description. Nobody cares about your experience, describe the promise.

  12. Lmfao. The open alpha they had on steam went so poorly the devs stopped responding to feedback, tucked their tails and left then nuked the steam forums. Game of the year incoming

  13. But this is indeed just another battle royale.

  14. I playtested Scavengers in September & I’m really interested to see how it turns out.

    I’d describe it as a mix between:

    -The Cycle (PvEvP, gathering resources to use outside of a match, leveling/improving weapons, choosing & customizing load outs, RPG-like progression between matches, drop ship that more than one team can escape on)

    -Hunt Showdown (PvEvP, enemy encampments, mini bosses, may not have to engage other players to be successful)

    -Darwin Project (weather system – trying not to freeze while also dealing with killing other players)

    If you’re on the fence, I think it’s worth a shot. I hope it’s improved some, but we’ll see. It’s been so long and I only got to play for about 90 minutes.

  15. Great way of explaining the mechanics. I like you stay calm and just talk about your experience in your playtime.

  16. Hi there your channel videos are always awesome I'm a newbie youtuber just developing my channel

  17. No this game is not gonna be the next big thing
    This game is PTW, there are perks that make your character stronger that’s locked behind a time system like the energy system in gatcha games. In order to do “research” you need a bunch of materials to get upgrades however due to the energy there’s a limit to what and how much you can craft at once. In order to increase your energy you need to level up and you can buy EXP booster packs to increase your level faster as well as get currency that skips the time to research. This game has other issues that would be bearable if it wasn’t PTW.

  18. Blah blah blah fucking boring I'm out of here

  19. Played it with a friend after checking this video out. It is NOT "sort of like tarkov", that has got to be the weakest comparison that could've been made. Its "the cycle" but thirdperson. Its a PvEvP BR with the same depth of wandering around a pop up carnival.
    Its all about points, you go around collecting them via arbitrary, dull mini objectives like "wait here for a minute" until its time to go and then you wait again for the ship. All possible objectives are laid out on a map, theres no emergent gameplay, no sense of freedom, scale, or exploration despite its BR roots.
    The wandering 30 second snow-tornadoes dont do enough to be called innovation and the gameplay loop simply is not that fun.

  20. suprise suprise, its not really, the game got boring real fast, barley got into any pvp and nobody ever listened to me once, the only thing your really doing is waiting and waiting for those datapoints, the npc's are way too easy to kill and avoid to, so no, this is not the next big br game, sorry

  21. That's not what "High on your own supply" means, I'd just call him an egomaniac & be done with it 😉 There's a producer trick you might want to try, because your eyes moving back & forth is a bit distracting… change-up the settings in your teleprompter app/program, so that you're getting a more vertical script presentation, & increase the scrolling speed to pick up the slack. No more darting eyes, & it's a more natural vibe. -cheers

  22. this game is already filled with hackers that can't be damaged but kills you with one bullet. Sadly cunts ruin every game on the market

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