Shroud Conquers in Spellbreak Battle Royale! -

Shroud Conquers in Spellbreak Battle Royale!

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Spellbreak is cross-platform, cross-play, and cross-progression on Epic Games Store, Steam, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch! Check it out: #SpellbreakPartner #Spellbreak

All highlights are from my stream 😀

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  1. We all know shroud is paid to say these but imma warn ppl who believe him, no this game isn’t fast the game is the most slow past in any br, big map to little players, with a lot of magic to easily run away you’re gonna be playing tag non stop

  2. this would have been better as an MMO I think (just my opinion please dont flame me 😣)

  3. When are they releasing Australian servers? I'd love to play it.

  4. p p p PLOSIVE! Somebody needs a pop filter or some shit.

  5. lol… what? You guys can’t actually be seriously enjoying this?

  6. just a bit more and this game gets noticed

  7. that's how anime fights look like without the flashbacks

  8. I wish this game wasn't BR only. it has so much potential for deathmatch, single-player, etc…

  9. I know the game just came out but this shit is way too easy on PC rn I’m always top 3 got a lot of wins does anyone know how the cross platform works yet

  10. This game is actually pretty, it has potential, when I play I used the poison and fire

  11. the blitz app guy who gets the headshot kills has asunas aim lol

  12. Make it 5v5 then add turrets and items and you have league of legends 3rd person. I would like that very much

  13. I really liked this game played it for like 2 weeks got annoyed with lobby wait times like 10-20 minute wait. Hopefully they will get more of a player base.

  14. More popular streamers like doc, valkyrae, xqc, or summit1g need to play this game. It has so much potential it just needs a bigger audience

  15. This game needs a better strategy in their marketing section
    It's really a fun game to play with people and I've been doing it since day one but the player base is so less that the matchmaking is done so late and I feel like sometimes it doesn't do good job
    Battle royale section is good tho
    The skills and spells has to be learned before mastering it

  16. Honest this looks better than all the other games shroud plays. This looks better than every popular game out there right now. How come I never heard of it?

  17. this game is fun because everyone is trash I have won 3 times in a row

  18. A blatant copy of apex legends.
    And they even copied the cross platform, which is the worst part about that game/

  19. I've never seen a game that was as intense as it's trailer

  20. Honestly as a guy who already sucks at fps games and i just play them casually just watching this gameplay was enough to convince me to not to download the game 😀 But very well played shroud as usual.

  21. last time i played it was rampant with botters… is there an anti cheat now?

  22. This game is just so underrated. It could easily hit the top 10 player spot

  23. Isn't this basically a good looking Quake with magic spells?
    EDIT: i love it btw.

  24. just saw that intro for the 1st time……. well done to whoever did that

  25. hes got easy lobbies id love to see him level up more and see how he does against the harder lobbies with his natural aimbot he would be an insane conduit

  26. This could actually be so much more than a BR. Like a RPG with dungeons and different items. The magical aspects of this game and its playstyle would complement that a lot

  27. is this game pay to win? I see theres an option to spend 100$ on gold but if its just for cosmetics thats cool, but if its for OP things that only money can buy.. that would suck

  28. guys pls play this game right now haha… I need more opponents

  29. They should add water or time element

  30. servers will shut down in 157d 13h, T_T love this gameeee

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