Solo VS Squads 31Kills Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Gameplay -

Solo VS Squads 31Kills Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Gameplay

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  1. Your choice bro u can also do only handcam and u can talk nothing about talking

  2. The last part running behind for execution was ❤❤❤

  3. Facecam + commentary + tutorial — this is what we love to see! Keep uploading these kind of videos we loooove to seee it 🔥🐐

  4. Bro i am new followers can i ask you what pad or phone you use in game 🤩

  5. Hey LOTEX, how are you bro, greetings, I'm your fan of Venezuela, greetings, I hope to play with you one day.❤

  6. این یک کامنت فارسی است
    تو بینظیری😁

  7. bot lobby) akman is a professional bot killer


  9. Yeeess! I love this kind of videos with face cam!!! 🔥🔥

  10. My friend you are soo op 😅❤ thanks for share yours skills 🫡

  11. You are a pro at playing the Call of Duty Mobile game, how did you get like that?

  12. Its good when you talk and explain so we learn more thanks

  13. Why would they shoot your chopper ur da problem not da chopper 😂😂

  14. Brother what is your video editor name. Please tell me

  15. Lotex sniping accuracy
    Enemy isn't moving : 🤡🤡
    Enemy is doing pro movement : 🤖💀

  16. He almost level dr Disrespect,😮reason for taking left side i think? Still OP Lotex this is the way to the top. And look behind you in the distance is that Akmen.???? 😂❤

  17. I like this facecam in the bottom left corner making the gameplay look clearer than the previous one, keep it like this lotex, love your video greeting from singapore🇸🇬

  18. Bro we need you with your voice and face. Without you it is boring ❤

  19. 5:13 I'd prefer this kind of gameplay. No commentary makes things get boring faster

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