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SpicyToast BEAT Clash Royale 🍊

Orange Juice Gaming
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SpicyToast is the king of clown stars and cheese stars. But he also beats grand challenges

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  1. Nobody is gonna ask why spicy toast has a name called archerqueenfeet


  3. If you see b-rat you know why spicy has this weird name


  5. I was playing with your friend blaz in clash Royale I didn't know he's gonna play clash Royale and he's on your clan oj

  6. The saddest part is that he didn’t got any legendary cards

  7. We know o.j. is a great human being because he tries to help and he gets more hyped and excited for his friends and not himself we love you oj

  8. Hell nah spicytoast is a simp for archer queen like the name archerqueenfeet

  9. “Wow, he’s good at Clash Royale!”

    Misses Royale Delivery

    Never mind he sucks.

  10. Good games and well played bro🍊✌️👌😂🍊🌹

  11. Why the heck is there a monalisa on his shirt

  12. Bro fought as legend and got nothing from the chest 💀💀

  13. Bro if the opponent had a tornado then spicy shouldn’t place that goblin drill in the back

  14. Your mona lisa shirt is a masterpiece

  15. "I don't know why his name is archerqueenfeet but I respect that."

  16. did anyone else notice the dabbing Kermit in the background just before oj said "quivering in his little tiny feet socks", it was the millisecond cut that zoomed in on Kermit dabbing over oj's shoulder…

  17. I went 11 1 in a gc with a nearly all skeleton deck, lost 2 games in a row to hard counters

  18. Plot twist toast is really just orange juice

  19. OJ we had to snowball on the right side snowball goes on the left 2:51

  20. Nah spicytoast is op at clown stars and clash royal what next clash of clans 😂

  21. SpicyToast: Breathes
    OJ: What a beautiful way to utilise his oxygen supply, truly a master of the respiratory arts

  22. Let me guess he is good at hay day 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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