StarCraft 2: BATTLE ROYALE - Free For All! (Arcade Games) -

StarCraft 2: BATTLE ROYALE – Free For All! (Arcade Games)

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Playing StarCraft 2 LIVE! Today I’m playing Battle Royale Free For All and other Arcade Games in SC2 with and against viewers. If you want to join one of the games, join group LowkoTV on the European SC2 server.

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StarCraft 2 is a military science fiction real-time strategy video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment.

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  1. if Lowko ever came to the states, I would buy a ticket

  2. 29 minutes into this, lowko complains about his "treaty" after he kills the guys command center first.

  3. the fact that you started quoting shady was amazing lets be honest here

  4. Remember that time that StarCraft Saved the world?

  5. Check out Battle Poker ! Some of the most SC2 fun for Boomers.

  6. We Love you LowKo 🙂
    We are all one Love is the Way!

  7. i thought lowko was the medic in HD for a second🤣

  8. cats kill at night average up to 30 animals… sadly… Birds, Mices also any reptiles and amphibians :/

  9. Nice stream, if you want to play more arcade game, may I suggest "StarParty 2.0" I am Fenix the mapmaker that updated the map a little while ago to fix all the bugs of the Rock the cabinet version. Have a nice day 😀

  10. Lowko, I'd like to see 2 non-pros vs 1 pro vs 1 pro.

  11. Thumbnail idea: lowko on all 4 in a pile of zerglings

  12. Just looked at the cover image of Lowko in medic armour…. first thoughts "you'd better send some body bags" :p

  13. Quality content right here… Always brings a smile to my face. And yes please, hold out challenge mode for the win

  14. Seems like Zerg has several advantages in battle royale?
    consider the game parameters:
    1) unpredictable base locations and battle fronts (besides center)
    2) abundant expansions
    3) need to rapidly change unit composition
    4) early base gets wiped out by magfield
    Superior scouting and map control via overlords, lings, and mutas optimize for (1) and (2).
    But the real power comes from the combination of hatcheries and crawlers.
    Sprinkling macro hatcheries between bases and towards the center will ensure rapid and flexible unit production (3). And the fungibility of unit production mitigates the effects of (4). Bonus, the macro hatches spread more, which amplifies map control for (1).
    Meanwhile, mobile crawlers allow reallocating them from secure areas towards new fronts (1), and mitigate against (4). Bonus, once you've banked enough resources (2) you can convert drones into crawlers to free up supply for army (3).

  15. you told me to leave a comment below the video so here it is

  16. Lowko looks like Valerian when dressed like the medic in the thumbnail

  17. You should only take gas when turret is destroyed in desert strike

  18. I was here when this went live. It has been fun since Lowko Potter has a forehead full of content, Milo is now a certified S-tier predator, and the weird people of Netherland do not bike for exercise.

  19. 1:08:00 seems like the final strategy is to go for the surrounding structures while building enough yourself?

  20. How do you find people to do battle royale? Btw, nice video, love br in sc2

  21. awesome stream lowko.. super fun to watch.. i didnt like how some poeple didnt listen. people played more than once. and with so many people there its just not fair for some .. and those of you know who you are.. its just not fair for the fans .. i mean i was at work while this was going on but i noticed more than once that people were in more than one game.. that my only complaint .. other than that was so much fun to watch

  22. The disappointment in Lowkos voice when he heard 1000 ISK is about 7 euros…. Easily wrth 10,000 ISK more xD

  23. 41:05
    Maybe one of the coop campaigns? I don’t think you’ve done those before but might be wrong

  24. What's the difference between streaming on YouTube versus Twitch? Besides where the Vods are saved by default

  25. I’ve also run into the front door at least twice in 25 years. When you zoomed in at 9:20, (for an instance) I thought you were going to say nuclear launch detected. Sorry. It’s actually not that bad. Feel better ❤

  26. Yes! 4hrs of Lowko on a weekend, 2nd channel not included.

  27. Some brands take extra measures to protect their emblems, useless as they are, take Rolls Royce's Spirit of Ecstacy; Lowko you should really take better care of the "Forehead"®©(TM)

  28. Someone's nuking your forehead Lowko

  29. Lowko in 1st FFA: Kills Blue SCV in middle who was just waiting for a hug and kills CC afterwards
    Blue: Attacks Lowkos BCs

  30. Im 13 and I can remember over 70 digtits of pi

  31. Barely missed the stream but now I have 4 hours of content to go through ❤

  32. Lets crowdfund Lowko a new computer gaming chair

  33. It might be fun to have a pro player vs a bunch of newbs in archon. In this mode we could also have bronze players on the pro players team spending all of his minerals lol

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