STILL the Best Battle Royale! -

STILL the Best Battle Royale!

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A bold claim, I know…. but I still believe PUBG to be the best even with its flaws.

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Playing with! @HandlerYT @Tomographic

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  1. Tom on his usual bot like status on PUBG 😉 love you guys really

  2. just came in to downvote your opinion. Still love you! see you next time.

  3. Absolutely love the ending of this video! xD

  4. I recently moved to 40 acres in the woods where I have no Wifi, only mobile data, and I'm fucking DYING to play PUBG man…

  5. so sad they killed pubg i used to play it non stop

  6. " That's so mean!"…."that's so sick what do you mean?"'😂🤣

  7. Aculite, ahhh… its so refreshing to see you play PUBG again. im having nostalgia

  8. missed opportunity to deathcam them coming down on you guys at the end

  9. What music is that in the end can anyone tell me

  10. Hopefully we can get some more of handler in warzone 2. You guys are all beasts

  11. Is that handler? Omg this is so amazing. So glad to see him.

  12. PUBG is finished with SP now becoming main stream and thank God. It looked dated when it first released, it looks so washed out now.

  13. I just comeback to PUBG. I didnt leave it because I got sick of it but the time game progressed my PC couldnt hold on with frames etc.
    Now new PC and since in DBD there is even I was like "oh shit I havent played that in a while, lets go try it"
    Now I have on Dwight new cosmetic and game I comebacked again. Damn. Good to be back!

  14. Aculite i just wanna say Im sorry for not watching as many videos of urs as i should have but i just wanna say thank you for carrying 2020 with the amazing warzone content you really made those times fun. thank you aculite.

  15. I was missing your PUBG videos, Aculite! Glad to see you return to this game from time to time.
    Greetings from Buenos Aires!

  16. I never played this game so I have no idea. But this game looks ass

  17. Played for the last 2 days. Varied times, still 75% of my games are bots on US. feels shitty.

  18. What's with so called good players hanging out in the blue….doc does it a lot too, clowns

  19. Glad you can still have fun in this game but for me personally, trying to understand how to play the game and learning is incredibly difficult. There's no filter for skill and you just feel crushed no matter what you do or try. I struggle with this game and I don't intend to play it for god knows how long. It's kinda sad cos I want to play it, I want to enjoy it, but I can't.

  20. Buddy is a shitty teammate, he’s like u don’t want me to get the kills, while running dead to the opp to prevent u from shooting them without shooting him in the process…. Main reason I be running solo that’s how most folks play this game

  21. should’ve put the og music for the intro for the throwback of og pubg

  22. 16:32 what a cool moment. I didn’t know you could use flash-to-bang method to estimate enemy distance in this game.

  23. Pubg is really the best Battle Royale. It will keep surviving and moving. We just there were other new BRs have defeated PUBG but we are wrong, most of them are just only with the hype, but when the hype is gone the game no longer much heard or talked about. While PUBG whether there is a hype or not it remains and keep developing, it is almost an institution of BRs.

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