TARBOSAURUS ENTERS THE BATTLE ROYALE!!! | Jurassic World Evolution 2 BR Modded - Ep3 - battle-crest.com

TARBOSAURUS ENTERS THE BATTLE ROYALE!!! | Jurassic World Evolution 2 BR Modded – Ep3

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Jurassic World Evolution 2 is back with another Battle Royale! Who could be the winner and go on to the final Battle Royale!

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Jurassic World Evolution 2 comes with a brand new, immersive narrative campaign voiced by cast members from across the Jurassic World film franchise, exciting new features, four engaging game modes, and an enhanced and expanded roster of dinosaurs, Jurassic World Evolution 2 provides fans with everything they need to create authentic and compelling Jurassic World experiences.



  1. I have watched it about 16 times and played the choice game 14 times

  2. The Spinosaurus should be named "Iryt", Egyptian for blue. Egypt is where the Spinosaurus was found. Beaver you put a smile on my face every day and joy in my heart, keep up the good work!

  3. unfortunately we probably won’t ever get an actual tarbosaurus, not enough dinosaurs in the hidden adventure for a dlc.
    I do have some ideas though.
    we could have a tarbosaurus, brachiosaurus 2015 skin, mosasaurus 2015 skin and also maybe a camp cretaceous rexy skin.
    again there’s not many new dinosaurs despite the tarbo, I don’t have many ideas so it’s mostly just skins

  4. Indom:I'm so smart ima kill this trike at 45hp
    Trike:65 dmg and 100 percent hp
    Irex:oh no im in danger

  5. James I'm begging I really think the spinos name should be Spencer I've been around so long I've seen every single battle Royale I'd love to see u name him spencer

  6. I think you should call the spino fin… needless to say why

  7. Beaver in one of your bids on islanders server do you know that duck u tried ti kill when u bby giga under rock that was me and i was that grey argent befor that u saw

  8. Name the T rex bull after the one from lost world that dies from the spino

  9. I think that the Spinosaurus should be named… You guessed it.. Oh wait, You didn't? That's sad. Anyway the name is
    Aridam. Meaning, Destroyer of enemies. Best name I think the spino could have!

  10. Omg this was amazing i was rooting for spino the entire time, its been so long since he got that win years ago in the battle royale, now he got his well deserved W and im very happy for him, he deserves the name "spinebreaker" because it sounds cool af just like him

  11. change spino design to jp3 and name it asset 87 its the name of the spino from jp3

  12. also change t rex design to rexy and name her rexy

  13. Hmm the Spino never lost a fight againist any dinosaur killed lots of carnivores and herbivores and became the champion so the ideal name for it would be Rampage or Destroyer

  14. Let us name it the most terrifying name out there hhhhhhh Bob

  15. I think a good name could be slash for the spino (amazing vid as always)

  16. What about the spino being called peanut, after SCP-173, since they both finish their victims by breaking the neck

  17. fun fact james, deniochirus is a tyrannosaur

  18. If the cow iguana dies during this vid I watch then rip: milkers.

  19. My personal favourite is when in In Dominus Rex die by triceratops at 30:15

  20. I think you should call the winner “Hageshi” because it is Japanese for fierce

  21. For the Spino it's name should be Swift because of how quickly it kills and wins.

  22. Is it just me who wants to see that a wolf added to jwe2

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