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Tetris 99 Reveal Trailer (BATTLE ROYALE) – Nintendo Direct

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Tetris is getting into the battle royale mindset with the announcement and release of this new 99 player PvP game.

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Tetris Effect Review:

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  1. Saw a memes. Havent seen what the game is like and that its available til 1am today.

  2. No. Freaking. Way. This. Is. Awesome.

  3. Actually at the beggining I thought this was really silly. But now I have played it and it is really fun.

  4. If they get 3 times more money from Nintendo Switch Online because of this, I wouldn't be surprised. I honestly that's the entire reason they:
    A. Actually made it
    B. Made it free


  6. Fortnite: and who are you?

    Tetris 99: omae wa mou shindeiru

    Fortnite: N A N I ?

  7. When people said the only thing missing was a Tetris Battle Royale I never expected the developers to think we where serious about it…

  8. Step aside apex legends. This game is the apex of battle royale.

  9. Entonces el buscaminas battle royal es posible, quien lo diria.

  10. Who needs a girlfriend. This game is all I needed for Valentine's Day.

  11. I think Nintendo is roasting the br genre where every game is now being a br

  12. This game will not be as popular as Fortnite and Apex legend because kids won't touch this game because they can't get gud

  13. Morbid curiosity brought me here. I needed to see if they were just taking the piss. …i honestly cant tell

  14. Our generation will go down In history this is what kids in the future will have in their textbooks

  15. I’m expecting Club penguin BATTLE ROYAL to come out now.

  16. All jokes aside, this looks fun. I love Tetris friends, but with 99 players? This is awesome

  17. I just hope Mother 3 isn't a battle royale too

  18. Dear Nintendo, can we have pokemon or yoshi puzzle league now? Please :D?!

  19. 1984, Russia:
    Aleksie Pazhitnov: This revolutionary puzzle game symbolizes the state of the Soviet Union since it is a metaphor for the ideology of Socialism.

    Some rich guy: yo remember that game about the colored blocks, let's mix it with fortnite, kids like that.

  20. Don’t let this distract you fro…. but…… no… must… resist…… TETRIS BATTLE ROYALE

  21. Pac-man Battle Royale next. It's gonna be wonderful, folks, believe me.

  22. i would rather play this than fortnite

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