The 5 RAREST Fortnite Cosmetics (EVER!) -

The 5 RAREST Fortnite Cosmetics (EVER!)

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  1. the rust bucket is more rare than the backpacks

  2. Only have 2 of those which is the skin and the glider

  3. Did I have the mako I did not know it was this rare

  4. I didn't even know rouge was rare but I'll take it

  5. I can’t believe my dad who doesn’t even play Fortnite has the rouge agent skin

  6. I have rogue agent but not in item shop I bought it as bundle

  7. Why these guys don't add the indigo kuno skin?

  8. Have all of em plus mako was a victory glider

  9. I have the skin and the dance but don't really play anymore 🤷‍♂️

  10. I've got rogue agent is thag rarest skin now?

  11. What about the ghost portal that came out season 1 for skull trooper

  12. I gad rogue agent but lost account

  13. i got the rogue agent and Fresh on my account. i bought the rogue agent starter pack instead of the shop bundle actually.

  14. I thought I wasn’t og but I I have 2cog these 😂🎉

  15. I Have everything in this video bro I have pink gouhl trooper rengade radir purple skull trooper Who wants to trade comment on my video ngf ur acc has to be decent psl no scamme and I have ikonic

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