The 7 Best Features in Battle Royale Games -

The 7 Best Features in Battle Royale Games

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Not every game can be Fortnite or PUBG, but there are a handful of battle royale games out there with some genuinely fun features. Here are seven of our favorites.

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  1. tetris 99 is the ultimate battle royale


  3. When I clicked on this video, I didn't expect Simone's sleepy, ASMR voice to carry me off to dreamland, but here we are.

  4. i was napping but i woke up to a polygon video what a good day

  5. I hate that Polygon has made Simone into a list reading voice instead of the thespian she once was

  6. Can y'all please, please play Darwin Project for Awful Squad? (Or whatever it's gonna be called now?) Russ on director duty sounds sublime.

  7. I really feel like the top brass seem to vastly misunderstand what Polygon video fans want out of their content if all we're going to get is lists with no personality. Bring back the comedy and absurdism!

  8. Something I was hoping you'd mention specifically was the way Totally Accurate BG handles the circle closing. Rather than a shrinking circle, giant stone columns rise up and drop in, gradually filling in until they lock people into (or out of) the new zone. For an otherwise jokey game, it's actually a seriously novel way to manage that aspect of the genre.

  9. You turn into a chicken when you die? Now that's innovation.

  10. Listicle videos always feel low-effort, and that seems off brand for Polygon 🙁 Are Polygon's producers just on summer vacation but they still need to be releasing content at some rate?

  11. Where do yall (other polygon fans reading this) go to now that polygon content has dropped off so much? Please help. Im so starved

  12. Totally Accurate Battlegrounds has the most awesome circle I've seen in a Battle Royale game. The giant floating towers that hover and then slam into the ground felt throughout the arena is spine-tingling.

  13. Polygon please give us more fun and goofy streams, things haven't been the same the last few months and it's so sad 🙁 I want to see my favorite Polygon folks streaming games and being silly, that's what makes Polygon great

  14. where did the creativity go? this is NOT an insult to you guys– please don't take it that way. we know you guys have awesome ideas for funny content. we watch polygon because it's so unlike the stuff other "games journalism" outlets are putting out. please dont give up your individuality to try to be something that you're not, polygon!!!

  15. Even Simone can't hide that she hates the new change of format

  16. TV Origin of Battle Royale isnt the Hunger Games but… Battle Royale.

  17. "Bringing battle royale to its roots with the hunger games" Okay you got me to respond. Battle Royale's roots are battle royale, which is a japanese novel turned movie that the hunger games were based on. Like, google "battle royale" and it's right there.

  18. Great list! You missed the VR version, Rec Royale out of Rec Room, where you're enveloped in a circle of EDM playing killer bees.

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