The Best Battle Royale Died... Here's Why -

The Best Battle Royale Died… Here’s Why

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I’m not exactly the kind of guy to obsess over online multiplayer games, but Rumbleverse is an exception. Let’s talk about why my favorite battle royale was shut down in just six months.

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Thanks to Iron Pineapple for helping with my script, and Connor for helping me film the beach segment. And the Rumbleverse devs, that game was pretty cool.

Resurrections – Celeste
Gallery – Danganronpa V3
Butter Building – Kirby’s Epic Yarn
During the Exams – Persona 3
Great Grey Wolf Sif – Dark Souls
Free Money! – Pikuniku
Season 2 Theme – Rumbleverse
Game Over – Sonic the Hedgehog
Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod
New Donk City – Super Mario Odyssey
Kira Yoshikage’s Theme – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
Death by Glamour – Undertale
Snow Mountain – Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg
Shop ‘N Squirtle – Pokémon Channel
Passionate & Silent Sea – Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg
Midday Majesty – Chibi-Robo
Main Theme – Elden Ring
Main Menu Theme – CS:GO
Amalgam – Undertale
Terror Time – Yokai Watch
Hard-Boiled Heavies – Sonic Mania
Superheroes on the Go – Speedrunners
Streetpass Mii Plaza Theme – Nintendo 3DS
Azure Blue World – Sonic Adventure
Oh It’s You – A Hat in Time
Liberator’s Hideout – Shin Megami Tensei Dx2
Your Best Nightmare – Undertale
When Mother Was There – Persona 5
Quadratus – Shadow of the Colossus
Goal & Score – Yoshi’s Island
Egg Fleet – Sonic Heroes
Game Over – Super Mario World
Ideal and the Real – Persona 5 Royal
Overworld – Super Mario Brothers
Classic Lobby Music – Fortnite
The Sunlands – Octopath Traveler
Smart Race – Deltarune
Reunited – Undertale
PinqPiq (xovevox Remix) – sasakure.UK


  1. It feels wrong to compare Maplestory 2 to a much more creative game like Rumbleverse, but I quit playing it, after 800 hours, just a few weeks before it announced it was closing down (on the NA server specifically) I was already burnt out enough to stop playing, but even still, hearing that it would be gone forever (for me in NA) made me sad

  2. Thank you for this excellent video
    It helped me with closure

  3. I wish I could've put more time into this game, but I didn't really have anyone to play with. Also somehow had the worst luck imaginable when it came to getting stuck in the geometry. I remember just hearing about this game and thinking the concept was exactly what I wanted in a videogame. It was oddly enough a concept me and my brothers had fantasized about but not nearly as creatively as Rumbleverse had come to be. Hopefully they can rerelease some time in the future.

  4. I wish I could’ve played this game. I’ve always loved the cartoony look.

  5. I don't think I had heard of this game, and probablly if I did I would just put in the pile of Battle royales made to the likeness of Fortnite after it took off. If that game ever returns I'll be there to at the very least give it a try.

  6. Every day, 2023 does something to ruin our lives.
    This is one of them

  7. This makes me realise how much i miss Tribes Ascend, as that game had to walk so that Smite could run, but Smite never felt the same as the manic fun of Tribes Ascend.

  8. 35:36 i firmly believe the sun will run out before. or league 2 comes out

  9. I had the same kind of experience with Cloud Pirates…RIP in peace little game made by russian devs…and fuck the Flux ship, half tier ships were a mistake to begin with

  10. I wish I knew about this game. It looks so much fun 🙁

  11. I’ve never heard of this game. It’s a mix of two of my favorite genres. It no longer exists. Damn.

  12. Personally, I really liked how the did the tutorial. I think it was bad in the long run, but I found the tutorial. I went out of my way to find the information, and it was VERY helpful. This was also near the beginning of the game, so i was winning most of the games because I knew more of the mechanics. It felt good. I was able to teach my friends and we would knowledge check a bunch of people. HOWEVER this is all a guilt pleasure, but I think if the players were dedicated enough, the tutorial system could work. I would've traded the current tutorial for a more common one if it would mean we'd still have rumbleverse though, rip the best battle royale I've ever played.

  13. I hate to be that guy (not rly) but are there any fandom plans to revive a server? This is my first hearing of the game and it would be cool to try it at some point

  14. Just thinking about what this game could've been, it makes my heart hurt. But, I know I can't think about that. I have to think about what it was, and appreciate it. I will miss izuna dropping a pour soul into the gates of heaven. And I will miss befriending an enemy and glady disqualifying myself for them. But most of all, I will miss the good times I had with my friends, battling each other in playground mode, and throwing each other into the ocean. It was our favorite thing to do. This game will ALWAYS be in the back of my brain, I won't allow myself to forget such a gem. Us rumblers may never be able to wrestle each other anymore, but we'll be hidden in the large crowd, with nobody around us ever knowing what great times we experienced. My heart goes out to the rumbleverse devs, as well as all you fellow rumblers. Stay safe guys, and don't forget to eat your Squats Chicken™.

  15. i sadly never played rumbleverse because i thought it was a fighting game, sucks to see that the game shut down cause if i would have seen this video before it did i think i would have played it alot

  16. Man, I wish I knew about this game before it shut down

  17. “All servers eventually close”

    I’ll die when TF2 shuts down. I will simply perish.

  18. I only just found out about this game's existence cause of this video, and I wish I could play it right now, dude!

    Maybe another publisher could help them someday, or maybe even a fan revive project could be made, like with Toontown.

  19. My friends weren't really into it, the battle pass looked tiresome to even attempt and honestly all of the cosmetics were unappealing, the game is butt ass ugly despite being so fun. I genuinely didn't know anybody was having as good a time as ya'll were with this game, friends really make the experience

  20. my condolences to the Rumble it wan a plesure an honor to rumble with you my friends.🫡

  21. I'm gonna miss this game! IT WAS A BLAST!

    Thank You Iron Galaxy! May Fortune Smile Upon You!!

  22. I hope one day this gets a remake or a private server for fans like club penguin did.

  23. This game looks so fun I can't wait to go try it myself.

  24. When you mentioned this is your first experience with a game you love being retired i instantly thought of Battleborn. I loved that game so much and made some friends on it that i still talk to daily. Kinda funny you mentioned it a few seconds later.

  25. I’m gonna miss rumbleverese but we’re always remember the good times

  26. Another yakkocmn banger. My favorite gaming videos are the ones that make me wanna play games, and now I'm really sad that I missed out on Rumbleverse.

  27. This happens with online games all the time. Probably one of my personal favorites that went out this way is Soviet Jump Game, a Mario-esque battle royale published by the Game Grumps. In its time it was really fun, and it’s still up if anyone wants to try it. Problem is that it was last updated in 2020, and it currently often has a total player count in the single digits. It’s a good little game, and I’m sad that it’s gone.
    I hope someday we can get together and bring a revival to games like that. Not dead, but just barely.

  28. Great video bro, honestly i didn't even play the game and i've only heard of it a little bit when it released and lots of people were playing it on twtich, but now i feel like a shoud've at least given it a little chance. Even though the game is done, the memories that you've lived, will be forever with you.

  29. I never got a chance to play this. A combination of so many other games coming out and a general disinterest in battle royale games kept me away. It looked fun. I like the art style and the wacky wrestling was neat, but it didn’t grab me at the time. I didn’t see how deep it was.

    I wish I had given it a chance. This looks like an absolute blast and I really missed out

  30. Having experienced the death of Paragon and Battlerite (as well as other games), I can empathize with feeling like a game deserved better. Hopefully internet preservation improves to the point where we can more easily experience games that have shut down, but the current IP-hoarding culture makes that hard. I'm fairly confident that most major versions of Fortnite are stored somewhere, but Epic will never release it, even if we want to go back, because there's no direct profit from it.

  31. i tried playing this game once and was stuck on the loading time to join a match for 40 min

  32. Dragonvale world is another one and i don't think its coming back anytime soon

  33. i never got to play this, but it looked fun sad this game is shutting down 🙁

  34. I loved Battleborn so much. I was just talking to a friend about it a couple days ago and about how much I missed it. Easily plugged in over 300 hours into it. I stay hopeful for a relaunch.

  35. When you showed the Venn diagram of who Rumbleverse appeals to, especially when you showed the "haha funny" part, it heavily reminded me of TF2.

    I feel like people take games too seriously nowadays. I've enjoyed TF2 since 2008 precisely because it does not take itself seriously at all and the game design reinforces humor while still remaining enjoyable. Nowadays I feel like the current TF2 playerbase is quick to anger and unreasonably upset most of the time, like they're playing the game as if their life depends on it. At least, this is my experience in modern Casual, so I play on community servers instead. And no, not on Uncletopia or skial.

    I felt the same passion from Rumbleverse as I did from TF2, but as you mentioned towards the end of your video, I did in fact see how the community for RV was unnecessarily toxic most of the time and upset, literally unable to take what most of what happened as a joke or casual fun.

    The video game industry is veering towards safe products designed to extract as much money from you as possible by vying for all your attention or else you might miss *something*!!! Since there are so many big games like this, they have taught and eased in generations of gamers that being different or unique with flaws is outright bad and not worth any attention. For games like TF2, it came out two game generations ago, so the most that happens is a new playerbase dominates the game and enjoys it, but fails to understand it. NEW experiences like Rumbleverse do not get the legs they deserve because everyone is already playing a live service they've settled with (even though I believe the big reason is that it was Epic exclusive, and PC gamers are VERY stubborn about moving away from Steam, in addition to the art style)

  36. I regret that I didn't get to play very much of the game. Tried to convince friends to play it but they were WAY too competitive and simply raged at the various things in the game that made it unique. They didn't understand why I laughed at being soccer ball kicked off a skyscraper hitting an umbrella and bouncing into the water a mile away and just said the game was broken. Was a pretty fun time but playing it solo just wasn't it for me and so I was waiting for a time to try to get my friends into it again at a better time but I guess that time won't come now.

  37. quagsire ruined the video wooper is infinitely better

  38. damn… i remembered playing it on release with my best friend and thought it was so fun and had so much potential..😢

  39. Great video, but it made me sad all over again. It was such an incredible game, this shit is so depressing.

  40. I never seen a ad for this game until ketchup and mustard start posting their combos in twitter

    Is sad that i cannot try this game

  41. It was an honor rumbling with you, gamer 🫡

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