The BEST Battle Royale VR Game Has Arrived! - Virtual Battlegrounds VR -

The BEST Battle Royale VR Game Has Arrived! – Virtual Battlegrounds VR

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Where we dropping boys? This is Battle Royale for Virtual Reality, the game is Virtual Battlegrounds. Drop on to an island with a crowd of other players in VR and battle to the last one standing. This is Virtual Battlegrounds for Virtual Reality. We’re playing on the Oculus Rift S VR headset.

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  1. im thinking about getting this game. Do u think it will work sitting down? Because im afraid of getting motion sickness even though i have motion sickness pills

  2. The gun u called kids gun is a vector

  3. Can we play this game in the oculus quest 1?

  4. Do you play free fire it's the most sickest game you can even drive on car in it by the ad bike plus I got 10 friends

  5. Cars was in this game it would be cool

  6. On the first everyone I want you to know this if you see me on free fire my name is jeaquan

  7. It's funny how he does not know what a scope is

  8. The 'weirdest gun you've ever seen' is a kriss vector

  9. i think I saw a vector or desert eagle im not sure

  10. The ikea gun you picked up was a kriss vector. Everyone was saying the other gun you had was an M4, it’s not, it’s a mk18

  11. It angers me that he is so oblivious to what types of modern generic guns and optics are

  12. No wonder why my call of duty war zone had a 1111211gb update

  13. God Loves You Remember That 🙏🏾✝️❤️

  14. Fynn: sees Kriss vector
    Also Fynn: THATS AN IKEA GUN

  15. you had a sig 556, then a ar15 …the smg looked like a ump ..n backpack guy had a mp5….weirdest gun uv ever seen was a chirs Vector

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