The Best FREE Games in 2024 -

The Best FREE Games in 2024

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Free to play games are often filled with hidden fees or obnoxious tricks to nickel and dime you. But these free games put the gameplay first and are actually great…

00:00 The BEST Free Games
00:27 Counter Strike 2
01:23 Halo Infinite
02:31 War Thunder, World of Tanks, World of Warships
04:18 Battle Royales
06:19 Warframe
07:28 MOBAs
08:40 Fall Guys
09:28 Rocket League
10:07 Team Fortress 2
11:03 Path of Exile
11:51 Honorable Mentions
13:32 Your Picks?

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  1. kids these days have no idea how good they have it, back in my day we thought shareware games on dos was amazing, now all this stuff is free, incredible, no wonder their entitled

  2. I love that you didn't added trash games like overwatch 2 in your list that unbalanced game should never be recommended by anyone that game is not worth to invest anyone's time in that yee yee asss game.

  3. Tf2 is when valve decided to have a good time and not be like my dad: absent

  4. cs2 is full of cheater and destroyed my brand new gaming laptop for 1000€ and league of legends is rigged dont play this 2 games

  5. Chivalry 2 would’ve been a good one but tbf it’s not free on all platforms.

  6. Bro! Isn't Valorant a direct competitor game for CS2 ? Also it's a Free To Play too. CS2 is full of hackers. And Valve doing nothing about that…

  7. i quit warthunder, you have to feed the snail to get any good progress.

  8. Imma be real the finals is the best free play game of 2023 it’s soo good

  9. league isnt good my friends. its gone downhill since s10

  10. this is not the golden age of gaming. gaming is dead and lefties killed it

  11. what is the game called at the beginning with the mace thing?

  12. shattlerline is also very good game and also free

  13. Cs2 doesn’t even work. Just crashes 3 rounds in

  14. i wonder why so many if not most streamers have a problem when they mention Fortnite. Its the BR with the most numbers and its not only kids. i'm an old man and oh this game is HUGE. in all the other Brs you wait sooo long for lobbies and you're almost guaranteed a cheat or 50

  15. mentioning card games without Legends of runeterra is a sin , the game is amazing with high quality art , and u can play the game competitively without spending a dime on it , u can earn any card u want by purchasing it with in game money u earn by playing not like other card games where u have to buy packs in hope to get the card u want


  17. MIR, NMRIH and toribash not being here is wild

  18. the arena is like unreal tournament, mayhem and madness, i could say its unreal tournament on crack but i don't do drugs so i dont really know…

  19. That Orange Box 😌 man that was a great offering, far exceeded the pricetag in terms of what Valve had stuffed in there 👍

  20. Legends of Runeterra since Hearthstone is mentioned. It's Riot's version that has an arguably friendlier F2P model

  21. Planetside 2 is free. I love it. It's the only presistant war game I know of.

  22. PUBG hardcore? That combat is so watered down from where it's dna lies.
    Also Team Fortress wasn't cartoony. Graphics just were what they were in the nineties. Sequel's early prototypes looked like battlefield.

  23. fortnite is the best BR by far. Especially the zero build option. Most fun ive had in a while. Valorant is decent. Pubg is stail used to be my favorite & everything else is trash or depressing like tarkov.

  24. I'm playing Warframe since it started 10 years ago and still haven't seen all the game has to offer. This game is a behemoth of F2P games

  25. Destiny 2 free game are you out of your braincells? Its p2w every 3-4 months 40 bucks. So 10 bucks a month to play

  26. what about Destiny 2? that is also very good game

  27. Which game is best for an adult beginner of first person shooters? Where I don’t have to speak on mic (don’t wanna be harassed for being a (beginner) woman)

  28. Have you had any good times in a free game lately?

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