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  1. not so hot take, if timmy didnt have so many people gunning for him every game he plays he would be top ranked in everything he plays. prove me wrong xD

  2. This reminds me of "Army men sarges heros".

  3. Playstation One, Army Men as a BR 😂 I can dig it

  4. I remember playing an army men shooter on the OG PlayStation. Great concept and they executed it well here.

  5. Think we can get Logan Paul to get behind it? He collects GI Joes I hear. Paid the most for a box of GI Joe cards in history. 😂

  6. Stop the cap, this game is trash, you hype it only because you getting paid for it..

  7. I bet the reason its so fun is because the audio is so good. It's something that pretty much every BR gets so wrong.

  8. Looks to me like they just upgraded the old army men games. Guns that feel like PUBG, a map that reminds me of the old counter strike rats map and basically a gambling system. Might not end up being the best BR, but it's going to be a homerun with old school CS players. I think Tim likes it just because it scratches that CS crate opening itch.

  9. If this comes to ps ill instantly uninstall warzone

  10. Thank you bro I’m new just finished watching the boxing Tyson Francis great fight live alone just me and my dog couple beers great video mate

  11. I would love to see an attachment degradation mechanic where the silencers and compensators melt like plastic and the scopes get dustier and harder to see out of to have a reason to have so many attachments in your inventory

  12. Yall to young to remember that there was a game that had the green toys as a game? Lol

  13. Anyone remember that BR called "The Mean Greens"? Looks like they got this idea from them. I think the Mean Greens was underrated and Im in for this game too.

  14. How much they pay you to plug it and hype it up?

  15. Devs definitely played Sarge's heroes growing up

  16. Stop zooming in on yourself when you’re talking it’s so annoying

  17. Death animations and loot looks suspiciously like fortnite ….

  18. It says trios but has four soldiers in the picture? 🤦🏼‍♂️🤣

  19. Cannot wait for this to come out. Please post more videos on this when you can. The mechanics look great especially for an Alpha build.

  20. I have no idea why you are so big bro good for you 🎉

  21. This is literally based off a Ps1 game. ARMY MEN 3D. This is amazing

  22. This is just wierd he just show the videogames without saying the name

  23. i say it again ..unreal tournament goty 1999 vibes .. I FREAKING LOVE IT

  24. I actually really like this Toy Story and Fortnite concept for BR. I genuinely hope this becomes something.

  25. I swear if Fortnite copies this I’m gonna be genuinely upset.

  26. Is there an official date for this game?

  27. I wonder how much they paid this kid to try the game

  28. my highest kills in this game is 16 in solo duos
    this games amazing

  29. if you hold S when you grapple an edge you skip the mantle part and fly over it instead, just a lil tip

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