The Creator of Battle Royale is making a new game... -

The Creator of Battle Royale is making a new game…

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Battle Royale is a huge genre of games now, but the original creator, Brendan Greene is making a new game and engine that could accommodate 100,000 players… Let’s take a look. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.


  1. the game just needs one goal – survive. sounds perfect for a multiplayer survival game.

  2. u clearly dont know that battle royal started in minecraft hunger games not pub g….😂😂😂

  3. He's not the creator of Battle Royale. Fucking come on Jack.

  4. Sounds like the same amount of hype as Cyberpunk.

  5. Inb4 it's another disaster, and I'm not gonna get my hopes up because, fool me once.

  6. By the time this comes out, we will ALL have an RTX 3090 :O . EVERYONE will be able to play it…

  7. Asherons Call.. A game made in 1999.. was, I believe.. 100km x 100km.. so.. wut?

  8. He didn’t make it. I was there. I watched the first battle royal antvenom won if memory serves

  9. Yes, cause br didn't exist before playerunknown 😂😂

  10. So basicly the same vision as minecraft.
    Let AI build the world.
    Make something others can use to make a game.
    Unlimited space.
    Terrain building.

  11. The net code programmer already cries hearing this xD

  12. Almost every time people talk about making something this ambitious it either goes nowhere or just sits in development hell for a very long time

  13. I really want them to make different versions of the game using the same map. A dayz type survival game with a map that size would be amazing, but im sure they are probably gunna make another generic game that doesn’t do anything interesting.

  14. It's almost like H1Z1 and Minecraft didn't exist.

  15. These type of games alway end up letting you down.

  16. For sure didn't make "Battle royal" for sure made it popular but he def didn't make it. Battle royal is took insperation from Minecraft's Hunger games.

  17. Not to be that guy but I’ll believe it when I see it

  18. The engine isn't even finished and Its already a mess 🙄

  19. This comment section is full of kids who are oblivious to both pop culture and video game history. Battle Royale was a Japanese book from 1999 that would go on to have a movie and manga created based on it. That movie is the earliest start of BR being brought to mass attention for the genre. In gaming the earliest modes most closely resembling BR would be 1990s Bomberman. After the release of The Hunger Games in 2012, a Minecraft mod called Survival Games was created and this would be the first proper BR as we know it in gaming. In 2013 a mod for DayZ which in turn was a mod for 2009s ARMA 2 was created by Brendan Greene. This mod would be among the most popular and successful mods for DayZ and would go on to have a ARMA 3 version made. It was also directly inspired by the Battle Royale movie mentioned in the beginning. This is why Greene is credited for “creating” the genre (for gaming) of BRs. No, H1Z1 from 2015 didn’t create or popularize the genre though Greene did indeed work with them as a consultant.

  20. Arma II had you walking around on a map almost that size (with pretty good graphics) almost a decade ago.

  21. i hope they won't make any mistake as 2042 aka bugfield 2042

  22. This kind of original thought is so foreign to the gaming industry and really the tech industry as a whole right now. Love to see it. I love the idea cannot wait to spin it up!

  23. I've played minecraft survival games, which is the real first BR game

  24. Reminds me of what no man's sky wanted to do…

  25. Sounds like a pipe dream project if you ask me. Like always. Just look at star citizen, they have scaled back constantly from what they first proposed.

  26. this is the first step to a whole world inside of vr. after this gets made for normal pc or even a dumbed down version for console when vr catches up enough to make it worth it this would be the very best thing to have happened in all of games

  27. Breakaway on BF2042 is already too big and boring. Id prefer a return to smaller, more fun, maps in games. I know BF2042 is not a Battle Royale game, but it's an example that bigger isn't better.

  28. What do you get when you build a game and engine at the same time? Cyberpunk

  29. crazy potential? nah itll just be boring, takes an hour to jump off the pane at the start if you want to land at other side of the map ahahahah

  30. So.. he just wants to make Arma, with a planet sized map.

  31. well, he isn't literally the creator of Battle Royale, but…

  32. Irs minecraft who invented batteroyal for real

  33. Vaith - VR Showcases, First Looks und mehr. says:

    One of the b iggest Scamer Developer is back nice! He leave this Project too right when he got Millions again.

  34. Larger doesn't mean better and this seems like a whole lotta ambitious talk and not enough action.

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