The DMZ heavy chopper is a bullet magnet! 🥵 -

The DMZ heavy chopper is a bullet magnet! 🥵

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  1. They know exactly where you are, they’ve 100% open line of sites, lots of cover, different angles etc.

  2. I wanna know who's hitting you in the chopper with consistent shots from that range

  3. By any chance could i know what sniper your're using, and what sight u got on it

  4. damn, still love the voice 😀 not gone well soo far 😀

  5. …why are all possible doors open?

  6. Cry bout 6 man teams killing yall but your hiding in a heavy chopper killing everyone yall see that makes no sense at all lol

  7. When you have the heavy chopper, find enemies, then get out of the pilot seat, and you won't burn fuel, and you will have more people to shoot

  8. I've been playing DMZ since it came out. I've never even seen to have you chopper. Fml

  9. Also, I'd like to play solo so leave me the f*** alone. Then I'll be friendly

  10. I don't get why people shoot it it takes no damage, just a waste of ammo

  11. Zee Airways – getting you from A to B… possibly in one piece

  12. We took the Heavy the other day for a sightseeing tour, which turned into seeing four 6 man teams within the first 10 minutes of the DMZ game. I've never seen 6 sniper glints looking at me at once till then. It was a thrilling terror ride.

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