The Downfall of Fortnite Battle Royale (Full Documentary) -

The Downfall of Fortnite Battle Royale (Full Documentary)

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Ever since the Fortnite Battle Royale player count peaked in Season 4, Fortnite has been bleeding active users. Now that we’re in Chapter 2, Season 3 of Fortnite, I wanted to find out why the game has been losing players. This documentary will attempt to answer that question.

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  1. And in the end, all they should have done was make a competitive mode sooner… the sweats and experienced players would have grinded their rank and new along with casual players would have just played normals…

  2. this game is just one big constant sponsorship

  3. The rise is from people being sent home with nothing to do, covid….

  4. One thing made it's downfall


    People simply got better and better, so you can't really have genuine fun as much you could before. And time also means fatigue, you're going to naturally get bored of the game and want something else. And that combined with a massive skill level gap between players is asking for a decline

  5. You fell off fortnite, L + ratio + subscribe to SunnyV2

  6. I personally never liked fortnite I get why ppl did I was around 14 when it came out and always found it boring tbh

  7. Me, who has never played a drop of fortnite in my life: interesting.

  8. i remember playing the game in season 2 it was so fun
    but it just lost the fun becouse there was SO many brain less updates

    i feel like if they would do an event where it would be season 1 or 2 again
    so many people would come back

  9. Battle royale sucked from the jump. I know building was a new mechanic but everybodies burned out with it now and in reality it was always ass.

  10. this is the game where the beta version is the most fun, after they came out with the official release the game went downhill because they took everything fun away from the game.

  11. Chapter 3 really revive the game
    Both season are perfect

  12. I never did bother playing fortnite…….

  13. bro sunnyv2 and dj cook should collab PLS MAKE THIS HAPPEN

  14. SunnyV2 is the kind of YouTuber to make you like the video before it starts

  15. BR such as fortnite is such a boring concept it is bound to become stale after a while. While games that follow the moba + br concept a thriving more than ever now.

  16. I think why Fortnite isn’t played by many old players anymore is due to all the good and mature players get destroyed by immature kids in their 20s that never leave their basement. Also the fact that there’s also a ton of 5 year olds and their only good it to be a Fortnite “god”

  17. Just like Riot Games. They don't make games, they make money..

  18. I used to play fortnite In chapter 2, I feel like the new chapter ruined it, because of many reasons. For example the GUI. It looked like the most generic health bar ever made. And also the fact that everyone was very good, you could not compete with a 12 year old building a 4 star hotel after shooting him a single time. I wish I could play season 3 or 5 again…

  19. That 2017-2018 fort nite game period was so sick

  20. Mid 2017: I was entering High School as a "pretty boy" until I'd end up in the hospital hairless and brain dead towards the end of that year..

  21. Adolescents used to chant "We love Fortnite, we love Fortnite" to now singing "All these updates are gay"

  22. This doesn't make sense. Why wasn't there a matchmaking system to match all the new players with one another and all the skilled players with one another? In LoL, they called it the "Elo" rating system.

  23. I LOVE UR VIDS ❤️❤️❤️ keep producing GREAT CONTENT

  24. while fortnite is dying, i doubt that it would completely die, a game as large as fortnite, a game that has overtaken Minecraft itself, even if it "dies" it's legacy would be too large and it's bound that it would pick up a few thousand if not millions of gamers looking to check out the once legendary game

  25. "relatively unknown Epic Games"….seriously? No one has heard of Unreal Tournament?

  26. It deserve to die out, what kind of game rages people this much? Minecraft, Poppy Playtime, and other games are better than Fortnite I hate that game so mush

  27. Every game has its rise and it’s fall, I’ve personally been there since the beginning of season 1, I miss it I really do but unfortunately the game has changed to an unrecoverable point . I think the last time I played was chapter 2 season 5. I know Fortnite had a chance of revival but died just as quick as people came back. It’s sad but the good days of Fortnite I will always remember.

  28. Stop playing the game, just don’t feel the same no more, just not it

  29. Well they did try to play a game profacionaly when your hit rate is literly determiniert by chance.. .

  30. Fortnite was fun before the playground update. After that you couldn't even have fun anymore. The sweats choaked out the player base just to feed their egos with "get good mentality". You'd go to work (cause some of us actually have jobs and lives) come home put fortnite on and couldn't keep up with the fortress builders and their 90s. Also to add they killed the weapon scaling because those same people wouldn't stop bitching about double pumps and shotties in general. I'm glad the same toxic player base is the reason the game is dying. You reap what you sow.

  31. Relatively unknown Epic Games? That's a joke right?

  32. "It looks like a knockoff battleground"

    Yeah, a knockoff that outlived the "original"

  33. This is why I'm constantly getting bored of it at points.

  34. I loved the game up until season 9 of the first season. It felt like they listened to the community most of the time. I hated planes, the infinity blade, the tanks, season x in general. And I also really miss the first map. It was much better and more iconic than the newer maps. I did start playing again now that there is a mode without building. Because after season x I just couldn't compete anymore with the building. But even now its hard to get a win. I feel like I only get dropped with players who are exactly as good as me.

  35. This video is in the total wrong order of events lol.

  36. Lots of people complain and say “fortnite is trash”. Fortnite is a good concept but the community makes it really bad. I don’t play but when I did it was fun.

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