The Downfall of Fortnite Battle Royale (Full Documentary) -

The Downfall of Fortnite Battle Royale (Full Documentary)

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Ever since the Fortnite Battle Royale player count peaked in Season 4, Fortnite has been bleeding active users. Now that we’re in Chapter 2, Season 3 of Fortnite, I wanted to find out why the game has been losing players. This documentary will attempt to answer that question.

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  1. I don’t say it’s dead but its just boring because less fun and to much sweats

  2. It's almost as if forcing your players to become sweaty makes them not want to play the game… Who would've thunk?

  3. When it comes to pop culture stuff like games and YouTubers. There’s a wheel that just keeps turning. Sometimes the wheel is slow or sometimes it can go backwards, but it will always make contact with the ground

  4. Season 7 is my favourite season because I loved everything about it and it was my first time ever playing it. I mean because I was only new and bad at building I didn’t have to be scared by planes and started after the infinity blade was vaulted.

  5. When season 4 came out I remember being bullied for not playing fortnite because I wasn't interested in the game

  6. Why doesn’t Fortnite add a ranking system?

  7. I loved this game during season 4 to season 8. That was when i played a ton. It was new and unique to me. But after season 8 the game started to feel worse. And chapter 2 was when i gave up completely. I went from playing once a week to not at all. And since the launch of chapter 2 i havent played since. I feel happy i havent played it since.

  8. i genuinely respect fortnite for how innovative they were and it is very hard to keep a player base interested in the same game for 2+ years and they did pretty well for much more but i do think they made some decisions that caused their downfall sooner than it would've, being a big name publisher you should have experience and especially if you based your game off another that catering to the less skilled player based never pans out, examples 2k, cod, etc. and their game was so different than any other game any game with building like them will be labeled as a off brand fortnite as when pubg had a similar game to h1 it was said it was just another h1 but still was played because it was at the end of the day a fps and theyre all very similar in their own aspect.

  9. i loved this very insightful but in my opinion it would've been good to address the issue with creative mode and how like playground mode changed the game dramatically because as a fortnite player myself i have had issues with very good players edit coursing on me and it make the game unplayable. but that is just my opinion overall i enjoyed your insight on the game.

  10. Fortnite is just a fucking terrible game idk why people liked it i always hated it and im still mad at marvel for giving them permission to let them use their characters

  11. Introducing Zero Builds modes has been enjoyable. It also allows people who just can't get the hang of sweaty building, (like myself) to play on a more level playing field and just enjoy it. Of course building is back in the game, but it's nice to now have the option.

  12. Man this video aged horribly

    Also the fact you called Epic “relatively unknown” is hilarious when Epic made the Unreal Engine that powers pretty much every game nowadays

  13. I started playing halfway thru s2, played every single day until the Halloween update with the zombies came out. Quit for the entire season and came back the next season to fucking planes flying around. I played a little bit longer but couldn’t take it anymore and stopped s8. It was a great game at the time but Epic’s attempts to adapt and change the game killed it for me.

    Edit: btw, love the RS music in the background

  14. At least they added a mode with no Building which makes crap wayy easier for players

  15. Idk man I do agree with you that playground and creative mode did put the the game in a bad state by increasing the skill base very quickly I am sure that most of us who have played the game during that time have had some of our best moments while doing random things in playground mode and I think that the biggest thing that impacted the game in a bad way was competetive beacuse it made everyone take the game seriously and in progres killing the fun for others.

  16. Who else remembers saying these words “run it’s a soccer skin.” nostalgia man.

  17. To be honest fortnite didnt die the player base change,andwith the change of player base came a change in the meta.

  18. face it guys this video is slowly becoming a part of history.

  19. funny thing when this was released fortnite was in its prime

  20. It's weird how I never played this when it was first coming out… but I recall all of these events, the double pump, carzy builds, playground pyramids, re-release of skins, and alot of other stuff a little weird

  21. Also some of the Fortnite players went to Minecraft cuz Minecraft came back

  22. Started playing this on Season 1 back in 2017. Stopped playing around season 5 when Epic started removing features for new players and the game just lost its fun when EVERYONE started getting better.

  23. Okay.. so the season 2 c2 spike could be me.. because I started playing then and it was addicting so I kept on playing then asked my brother and since I had only a chromebook and an Xbox I had to search how to play on a chromebook and so I looked so much but no luck. And in season 7 c1 I looked it up a lot cause I never played before and I just liked airplanes but no luck cause GeForce now didn’t support chrome books. So possibly, that was me. I even told all my friends to join. I had like 20 or more join. Really weird. Lol

  24. The community just became toxic like every other game

  25. For me, it's the fanbase. Inappropriate and clickbait. While it's a thing for minecraft and other games, this is worse.

  26. Imagine a Fortnite classic with universal, unmodifiable, and counter-intuitive bindings that put everyone back on the same playing field…

    I uploaded one and only one trickshot montage on my channel from Ch. 1 (last played 2019), and the nostalgia is strong.

  27. now a days Fortnite died out fully leaving the game to be a lonely with very few people playing

  28. Sunny should make a part 2 because of the new season and the old players coming back

  29. Eh, I've started playing the game around season 1, then quit around season 2 and never looked back… i recently played it again and it was bad, everything was unrecognizable.

  30. First 3 seasons where the golden era of Fortnite…!

    I'm proud to have been a part of Fortnites story from day 1 (Season 1) and witnessed the best days ever :))))))

  31. rip Fortnite 😔 probably the most influential game in my life

  32. Man I went back into this season after hearing they got rid of building yet that was ruined by the bus and the tanks.

  33. Anybody who buys a cosmetic in a game is either terrible with money or they better be rich

  34. Imagine spending money on a cosmetic in a game. You’re literally buying nothing

  35. Fortnite is to far gone I don’t think epic games can fix it

  36. The game was fun, until They start doing collab. I'm fine with marvel or DC, heck, I am fine with star wars collab, until they went low as to bring my boy Rick & Morty, and for worst, they brought Naruto to Fortnite, like they just straight up killed my favs and killed them.

  37. Fortnite became a game for kids. Very young kids.

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