The FORGOTTEN Battle Royale Game Made by Tencent... (Not PUBG Mobile) -

The FORGOTTEN Battle Royale Game Made by Tencent… (Not PUBG Mobile)

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“The FORGOTTEN Battle Royale Game for Android Made By Tencent (PUBG Mobile Clone) Tencent Games New Battle Royale Android – Glorious Mission iOS Android 2020 Download New Update (PUBG Mobile Clone Games) Best Games Like PUBG Mobile 2020 – New Android Battle Royale Forgotten RIP”


Hey everyone!! ExxotikGaming here back with a bit of a different type of video. You guys really enjoyed when I played COD: Warzone and Free Fire for the first time, so now I’m trying a game that has been lost in time – a forgotten Battle Royale game that isn’t just made by some random company, but rather a game made by the massive Tencent Games! Somehow, Glorious Mission has slipped under the radar and has never seen the popularity its bigger brother, PUBG Mobile, had. What do you think about the game and its future? Does it still have any hope? Who knows! :0

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  1. Can i download this game in 2021 it will work

  2. Jesus the textures models and Lighting is garbage bruh

  3. Some of the layouts of the buildings look like the ones from pubg, especially on mobile on low res

    If anything, some of the design ideas/models from this game seem to be ported/copied to pubg by tencent

  4. did this guy call the AE86 an old russian car lol

  5. It's created by massive company yet no one knows
    Me:still have afeeling like pubg lite Chinese version 😑

  6. You are very funny bro 🤣 I like you 😂😂

  7. this guy really just called a toyota 86 a "russian car from the 80s"

  8. Even youtube doesn't remember, youtube says it's "Pubaji mobail"

  9. Physics are actually good compared to other mobile games 😃

  10. please indonesia komen ini game nama nya apa ?

  11. Dude called the ae86 random russian car smh 🤦🏻‍♂️ how could you bro

  12. Fun fact : its because they're ok with the pubg mobile, and they don't need other games

  13. i think when yanrique start his channel, this game, is the first video he made

  14. The movement and walking is way better then free fire game 😂😂 even though its forgotten game.

  15. I play this game 1 year ago i din't know it was made by tencent

  16. Whats the game called pls reply someone who knows

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