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“The FORGOTTEN Battle Royale Game for Android (PUBG New State Clone) New Battle Royale Games Android 2021 – Operation Freedom 2021 Android Download New Update (PUBG New State Copy Game) Best Game Like PUBG for Android 2021 – New Android Game – Forgotten Battle Royale Games RIP”


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Hey everyone!! ExxotikGaming here back with a bit of a different type of video. Today we’re looking at a game that NO ONE has made a video on in almost two whole years. It’s a complete rip-off of PUBG Mobile/PUBG New State, and it is called Operation Freedom: Survival of the Fittest! It once was available on the Google Play Store for Android, but has since been taken down (probably sued by Tencent Games tbh). How many things can YOU count that this game directly ripped off from PUBG?!

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  1. Do you quit pixel gun? I want to see you pg3d Vedios please respond with yes or no!

  2. 10⁰000000000000⁰00000000000 things are copied just a hyperbole

  3. My first battle royal game was knives out in an emulater and i was a bot i didn't know anything

  4. Wahh seneng banget game indoneisa di reaction sama youtuber luar negeri 😍tnaks you so much you rec may game madein indoneisa 😁

  5. Exxotic has prob said pubg and its the same as pubg 20 times

  6. I have low end device so i cant play pubg mobile so i play free fire max now also it looks like if pubg was made for calculators and baked potatoes

  7. Rules of Survival is really popular in our school here in the Philippines 🤣🤣my other classmates would just cut class just to go to the those Computer Shops just to play ROS

  8. ExxotikGaming, when will you play Pixel Gun 3D again?

  9. I almost never played knifes out but I did played rules of survival and I loved it

  10. I have played these games….back then it was fun 😂…..

  11. Waiting For You Tooo Play Genshin…

  12. Bro whenever i tune into one of your vids, i always get this positive vibe that punches me real hard in the face and always manages to fix my bad mood. Thank you for everything 🥲✨

  13. That thing looks like a mashup of pubg m and freefire 🙂

  14. It's just like a Combat Master but with pubg mobile/new state.🤣
    Do you agree with that
    Yes: hit the like button.

  15. We have to compare with 2019 pubg though.

  16. Exxotic the best bro im laughting soooo hard

  17. 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  18. Rles Of Survival had so many tryhards I was so trash I quit the game 5 years ago

  19. Well I've TRIED to count every thing that this game has stolen from pubg it was difficult but I came out with a number of stolen thing from 70 to 89 ish and probably more (I spent like an hour trying to count every thing from Exxotiks video and I did not see any one try to count it )

  20. Exxotic : rage's watching this game play
    Me : rage's when i watching his game play
    Meanwhile my FBI agent wth 😑

  21. Hi exxotik why u don’t post pixelgun? I like that u pist new games but i eant pg3d video back 🙁

  22. literally everyone's perspective on battleground games

    pubg mobile: cool
    battleground mobile india: cool
    call of duty mobile: cool
    fortnite mobile: cool
    free fire: trash

  23. Hopeless land of survival is also a forgotten gun game

  24. Rules of survival is the best battle royale in 2017 but I stopped playing because of hackers

  25. Rules of Survival and Free Fire are dogshit and if u disagree then don't bother relying coz i wont reply back

  26. I've only played pubg and free fire😂, last night I was playing pubg, today I'm playing free fire

  27. Me as Indonesian… dissapointed man.. why would people do that

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