The History of Battle Royale Games -

The History of Battle Royale Games

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From movie inspirations to the most popular game genre of 2018. From Minecraft to H1Z1, PUBG to Fortnite and even new announcements like Black Ops 4: Blackout, this is how battle royale came to dominate our PCs, PS4s, Xbox Ones and mobiles.

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  1. Happy no one forgot that minecraft was the first game to start BR

  2. I think fortnite is the best

    Pls no hate just my opinion

  3. I’m an ark fan (obviously) so I’m a go with ark survival of the fittest

  4. Minecraft is the father all the other games are the kids

  5. 17:42 The game that murdered all of the Battle Royale Games…..


  6. I didn’t expect to see ark on this.

  7. the dude at :43 cracked me up bad. not THAT funny but I got tickled pretty good. hahaha

  8. Who ever said that red dead 2 has battle Royale is a lying piece of s*** go f*** yourself lying son of a b****.

  9. Some corrections: Hunger games wasn't a mod, it was a server, and it came out in 2010, and evolved into survival games.

  10. My First Experience of Battle Royale is Twisted Metal 2.
    Speaking of…. We need another Twisted Metal

  11. You forgot The Division battle royale realy, there is one.

  12. So technically speaking, the person who made the whole "Battle Royale" concept is Koushun Takami?
    Then copy cats just made their own version and made this genre very popular?
    well damn there you have it folks.

  13. No.. the original smash Bros is the first battle royal

  14. we all know the kings of battle royale are minecraft and arma 3 the original 2 br gamemodes

  15. You forgot Realm Royale, roblox battle royale, brawl Stars, Battlelands Royale, Knives Out, Rules of survival

  16. Everyone's saying Minecraft was the first battle royale, but without the "Arma" mod it wouldn't have gotten this big.

  17. Apex legends joins the chat

    Fortnite was kicked out from chat by APEX LEGENDS

  18. Twisted Metal best battle royale game out there

  19. suddenly a game by ea appears called "Apex Legends" and takes most players, way after this video was made

  20. I remember playing Infestation The New Z’s Battle Royale mode before PUBG was popularized, does this game get a spot?

  21. Fort nite: 8D
    Arma 3:8====D
    Hunger games 8===================D

  22. I personally like PUBG more. It's my favorite battle royale game. 2nd is Apex

  23. You forgot to mention the Mobil platform gaming which help boost inyrest an d ease of reach to millions of people

  24. Gamespot, do your research because if you really are going to make a video about the history of the genre. You need to show the elements of battle royale that have existed in gaming all the way since the 1980s. In games such as 1985's Bomberman.

  25. i dont know what is so special about battle royale genre. It is just different term for last man standing, sole survivor, last remaining.

  26. the first game witch was made to be battleroyal since the start was pubg

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