The HISTORY of Mobile Battle Royale Games BEFORE PUBG, Call of Duty, Fortnite... -

The HISTORY of Mobile Battle Royale Games BEFORE PUBG, Call of Duty, Fortnite…

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“The HISTORY of Mobile Battle Royale Games Before PUBG Mobile, Fortnite Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale, Free Fire, Rules of Survival, Warzone Mobile! History of Mobile Games! Battle Royale Games BEFORE PUBG/BEFORE Fortnite! First Battle Royale Game in the World (Game Like PUBG, Game Like Call of Duty for Android, Game Like Warzone Mobile)”


Hi everyone! ExxotikGaming here – hope you’re all having a wonderful day! In today’s video, we take a deep dive into the history of mobile games – more specifically the history of mobile battle royale games! Mobile gaming history is vast, and it is spread across many corners of the internet. It’s hard to find the first battle royale game ever made! Battle royale games obviously came out for PC a little before mobile…but not as long before as you think! In fact, we can trace mobile battle royale games all the way back to 2012. Which game is the first ever mobile battle royale game? What is the COMPLETE history BEFORE PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Call of Duty Mobile and Fortnite Mobile? Let’s find out in this video! 🙂

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  1. Bro this video is dope af!!! The amount of info gathered here makes me wanna cry 😂

  2. 15th comment ALSO thanks your video has just the info I need not tryna get a pin but yeah helped me just as much as the other guy

  3. You guys remember when he played pixel gun 3D😢

  4. Rules of Survival was the first proper Battle Royale Game on Mobile. And it was running for more than just a few months before PUBG was officialy released.

    Not only it was the first proper battle royal game it was also the first game with such amazing HD graphics/controls/HUD/audio.

  5. I watched batoom online before
    I tried to play it that time but can't understand Japanese 😂

  6. Ya there used to be a survival server in Minecraft pocket edition i played it before it was some good
    With 10 players maybe if i remember properly

  7. Bro I tried to figure out who made an actual game of king of the hill.
    Our game idk if you guys played this
    Okay this game is about in the mid winter, where the snow get piled up in a spot
    And a bunch of kids fight over to get on the top and who ever last one stands wins.
    Everybody gets hurt and have to rely on strength yo. Nowadays its just video games

  8. Rules of survival will have a place in my heart😌

  9. Day 27: of getting exxotik to heart or pin my comment plsssssssssss

  10. Hopeless land and survival squad was my first ever mobile battle royal game

  11. My first Battle Royale in mobile is Minecraft server

  12. Bro You forgot To mention Garena Free fire .its a good battel royal Game But no one Mentions It . I have been Playing Free fire since February 2018 . Free fire was realsed In NOV 20 2017 but Its Beta testing Was Started Way before .I don't know why no one plays free fire It's getting Good updates.

  13. "Terminator" "Judgement"

    Anyone play hypixel skyblock?

  14. ROS was the first battle royal i played it was good

  15. I still remember "still alive" as one of my very first mobile shooting games it was so fun to play and I could not play any games for 2 years straight because of my phone but when I bought a new one I immediately went to find the game but alas I got the bad news that the servers had already been shut down by then

  16. im sure not everyone knows this but the real and the first one who implented the so called battleroyal game is minecraft hungergames

  17. I hope ROS will come back with tones of new features

  18. Not more old than minecraft hunger games but you can take modern combat 5

  19. Plz play more Cover Fire on your channel Exxotik

  20. Thx for telling me this game i am gonna try it out because i have low end phone i hope its good

  21. I
    m pretty sure the first battle royal was a mod for minecraft

  22. Bro I was just researching this to do a video on my channel and boom here u are! I'll put you in the credits!

  23. Ok before I watch imma say minecraft custom servers

  24. the hunger games started the battle royale genre

  25. The real battle royal is Minecraft survival games

  26. this was SO interesting and i learned a lot


  27. Modern combat 5 come out 2014 and it has a battle royale


  29. Are you showing some fire front clips in your next videos ?

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