The Hunger Games vs Battle Royale -

The Hunger Games vs Battle Royale
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When it comes to adolescents battling each other to the death, only two films have gotten it right. Join as we pit the “The Hunger Games” against “Battle Royale” to see which movie did it best. Subscribe►►
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For this showdown, we’ll only be evaluating the original films in their respective franchises, meaning no sequels.

Special thanks to our users perryhigh and Margaret Rd. for submitting the idea on our Interactive Suggestion Tool at

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  1. "HuNgEr GaMe'S Is a RiPoFf To BaTtLe RoYaLe" First off, I've never heard of Battle Royale when
    I was reading the Hunger Games books. If you prefer it over the HG, then that's totally fins, but just because there are two similarities in a two other films doesn't make it a knockoff. There are times were movies will have similarities and that's ok, 'cause not every director will know Battle Royale existed. Secondly, Suzanne Collins claimed she has never heard of Battle Royale.

  2. "only two films have gotten it right". lol yeah, and here i closed the video. hunger games did everything wrong

  3. Can we talk about how Battle Royale had 48 students and only 3 days where as HG had 24 and as many days as they wanted yet the characters in BR are so much more memorable?

  4. If you guys havent seen battle royale it is the deepest meaningful action horror you will ever see. Buy it on blu ray.

  5. No contest watch mojo..battle royale by far..both in the novel and film.

  6. I fully agree, but the book battle royale is better then both.

  7. Imagine being sick and absent in the battle royal field trip

  8. The BR book was written by a guy who went to war with his friends as teenagers and watched them all die!! He wrote the book after as a way to cope! was the original hunger games is an uninspired copy!!

  9. So I take it WatchMojo didn't actually read the book or watch the film Battle Royale? The class wasn't chosen at random, it was chosen because it was the worst performing class of the school year.

  10. I feel bad for the people that got the worst weapons in br like someone got a fan

  11. As much as I live the original Battle Royale (2001), it's sequel is kind of disappointing. I wouldn't hate to see a reboot or remake, but hopefully is as good as the original.

  12. Even Chigusa’s character is more interesting than all of The Hunger Game’s characters.

  13. Love hunger games but battle royale makes more sense

  14. If Catching Fire was included I would say The Hunger Games wins but since it’s only the original hunger games yeah Battle Royale wins

  15. From 2021 I'm wondering if there is still someone on Earth who thinks Hunger Games is better… I hope not

  16. Hunger Games sucks. BATTLE ROYALE IS THE BEST

  17. If these took you all for a ride, let's see how everyone feels about Squid Game haha

  18. Squid game is the same than hunger games??

  19. Battle Royale is literally a better, gorier, more entertaining Hunger Games.

  20. Just finished the book (Battle Royale) and saw the movie today. The movie is good, better than hunger games. However the book is where its at. So much better. Maybe because I could only see it with English audio because they didn't have Japanese audio with English subs but it was good

  21. Honestly the movies are aiming to be two different things. Battle Royale is more focused on character and social commentary, Hunger Games is more a teen blockbuster type movie that's just meant to be for fun. Different takes on a similar premise that people like for different reasons, that's fine.

  22. The hunger games 😂😂😂😂 its just a cheap rip off of battle royal 💪 total recall is beter than hunger games 😊

  23. In Battle Royale, you basically forced to kill your classmate you've known for years, make this more tragic because the student is conflicted between killing your friend or be killed (except 2-3 student)

    In Hunger Games, almost everybody is basically trained assassin and since most of student didn't know each other beforehand, making this movie just another action movie.

  24. Battle Royale Murders Hunger Games with a hammer in all category's. I watched the first Hunger Games with the missus as she's loves it. I couldn't bring myself to watch the other 2 It's just a poor, softer, inferior version of BR with unnecessary over the top visual effects and it seemed to focus on the relationship of the couple rather than the actual "games" which there's very little of. As with most Hollywood remakes/copies etc of Japanese, Chinese & Korean movies it falls way short. People who have only seen HG and not aware of BR have no idea.

  25. Maybe the Hunger Games is more true to recent events from Covid? 700,000 people are dead and our Capitol headed by Fox News and 1/2 the country doesn't care. All that matters is power.

  26. :Only two films got it right." No, Battle Royale got it right, HG is a clear immitation

  27. Hunger Games is just a hollywood version and kid friendly without any blood or violence. Battle Royal is gritty film that dares to go where most wouldn't and has way more character and heart.

  28. For me
    Round 1 Back story: Hunger Games
    Round 2 Characters: Battle Royale
    Round 3. Rules: Hunger Games
    Round 4. Weapons : Battle Royale

  29. This points system is stupid. They don't need to be rated against each other. It's like rating iPhone features against the things they stole from Android. They might be a little different, but the idea is stolen no matter how you slice it.

  30. I still go battle royal.

    They had to figure stuff out on their own

  31. Seriously was this even to debate? Especially since Squid Game. Battle Royal wins

  32. The only real similarity is that the government are putting kids against each other. You cant really compare these movies.

  33. Battle Royale is 1000000000 times better in every single possible way

  34. battle royale is my fav its more realistic and scary

  35. I think I wrote some comment about the hunger games being bad, but both of theses movies are actually perfect

  36. Absolutely no contest. Hunger games not fit to wipe the urine off the toilet seat after battle royale pisses everywhere.

  37. Suzanne Collins actually stated she had never heard of Battle Royale until she sent her book in, but the similarities are so many its hard to believe.

  38. Battle royale wins because it is the original story and better. Hunger games is a good movie but battle royale is a masterpiece.

  39. Hwang Dong-Hyuk took off "Battle Royale" a lot

  40. Hunger Games + Battle Royale = Squid Game

  41. I think it would have been cool to include a category for “Cultural Impact.” When the original novel “Battle Royale” came out, it was viewed as insanely controversial. There’s a ton of cultural context surrounding it’s controversial nature, much of which is more relevant in Japan, but still, it’s violent nature has made its way into a somewhat controversial status in other parts of the world as well.

    But the biggest cultural impact here is the fact that battle royale is now considered a GENRE, a genre which is named after “Battle Royale.” Popular video games in this genre include Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite, and many others. The rise in Esports has also been effected by battle royale games. The high stakes process of elimination by one death per player (or team when relevant) directly in the match itself lends itself phenomenally well to the excitement and anticipation in Esports.

    Additionally, the creator of PUBG has stated that he drew inspiration for the game directly from “Battle Royale.” While the has almost no plot line, the gameplay style is still focused on battling until only one player is left standing. PUBG was essentially the original pioneer for the rise in popularity and coining of the battle royale game style, all stemming from the original book “Battle Royale.” In fact, within PUBG, you can find various nods to its creators love of the novel. Subtle references such as the prevalence of school uniforms that players can win/purchase for their characters avatar.

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