The Most Realistic FPS Setup -

The Most Realistic FPS Setup

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  1. Impresionante, eso es trampa🤗❤️🇩🇴

  2. The set up to play warthunder is Even crazier

  3. Speed will like what the fuck is this shit

  4. heye at least give him credits

  5. "Oooo a barret how much damage does this do"

  6. 有沒有那個廠商能看準這個商機

  7. Bros TV broke or monitor, but it wouldn’t hit the wall that broke but was it still working?

  8. i wonder what taking damage from molotov looks like

  9. Most realistic ❌️

    Most deadly ✅️

  10. Bro how many monitors does this man go through in a day of shooting snipers

  11. The VA has determined that your injury is not gaming related

  12. The kick is way to strong, maybe right for the awp. But except that its awesome

  13. Thats also the most retarded setup I've ever seen

  14. bro played speacil forses group 2💀💀💀💀💀

  15. Sorry guys just got launched across the room

  16. bro has the authentic lg display line

  17. "Terrorist Win"
    Only SFG 2 gamers will know this😂

  18. I more impressed on how the damn screen didn't even cracked

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