The MOST SKILLED Challenge in Clash Royale 🍊 -

The MOST SKILLED Challenge in Clash Royale 🍊

Orange Juice Gaming
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Mirror mode challenge is pure strategy, tips and tricks: keep a mental note of what you can counter and what the win conditions are. The better player will ALWAYS win.

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  1. I bought the electro valley value pack and used code oj😃😃😃

  2. i hate how he says 9-0 but he lost he does that all the time

  3. 9:51 watch the arrow from the right princess tower curve into the bandit

  4. فقط ایرانی ها و افغان ها متوجه میشن چی گفتم اگه فهمیدی لایک کن

  5. Mirror challenge is the worst mode in clash royale in my opinion because I never win some how

  6. Is this a good push

    Meganight at the front tanking lumberjack behind then mirror lumberjack. then you put inferno dragon to counter air

    Then the rest of the deck is arrows and baby dragon scarmy and log

  7. They made this a party mode
    Edit : i won the party mode alot of times, double graveyard was the win condition

  8. i guess im skilled
    thats one of the modes im pretty good at

  9. When you lost,why didn't you put mirror barbarian barrel?

  10. “We need to save the magic archer” uses magic archer immediately

  11. Oj: im not even ganna do a ram rider over ther im just ganna do it on the left side.

    (does a ram rider on the right side)

    Me: really

  12. 9:35 we need to save magic archer and ice spirit :oj plays magic archer

  13. 8:42 gets 5 electro dragon next match gets electro dragon in deck which costs 5 elixir

  14. It’s Sond like my grandma winng in UNO game

  15. Who spotted that he has t-shirt with Russians bad words??

  16. Oj: we need to save magic Archer. Me : plays magic Archer 🏹

  17. If your do that prince emote in your videos every time I will give you a like.

  18. Ekam -The master coder paining artist and animator says:

    9:36 oj: save the magic archer and ice spirit to counter minion heard
    literally 2 milliseconds later playse magic archer

  19. This is. Just a regular match but your cards are random and can use mirror

  20. 1:48
    OJ: Oh my goodness! He's doing a double miner! What a mad lad!
    Also OJ: *Does double miner

  21. Yes need to save magic archery he places it down

  22. There's that one time my enemy thought he was winning but I simply put 3 battle healers in one go

  23. 10:56 sees goblin barrel has barbarian barrel in rotation throws globin barrel instead 🥲🙃

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