The MOST TOXIC way to play Clash Royale 🍊 -

The MOST TOXIC way to play Clash Royale 🍊

Orange Juice Gaming
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Rocket cycle in infinite elixir challenge (7x elixir)

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  1. Alternative title: the funnest way to play clash royale

  2. i always win against decks like this by spamming at the bridge but this one is actually really good because it has some defense (poison for swarms, nado + freeze or nado rocket to take everything out)

  3. e golem w nightwitch still most toxic here lmao literally took me 14 minutes to get 9 wins

  4. Doctor: Herbert OJ can’t hurt you he’s not real
    Herbert OJ: 2:04

  5. In 7x elixir even the most ridiculous decks win

  6. Do a video where someone lets u log onto their account and you do an upgrading spending spree on it lol

  7. Just if u want, we waiting for u on "Thor"( the name of the clan), lightning image on a black background🔥🎮

  8. 0:40 enemy puts lava at the bridge
    0:58 "they're mistake was putting lava in the back"

  9. I feel like sparky counters this deck. I never lost to spell cycle with a sparky in my deck

  10. This is why I can’t enjoy triple elixir anymore

  11. A tip for if there’s another infinite elixir challenge.
    Add lightning to your deck so you can hit the troops he hits in the back as well as the tower. Lightning also hits instantly

  12. Grande este chino lanzando cohetes no pierde la cultura 😎🏆

  13. I just poison my tower and bridge spam with rage. They can’t defend and they can’t goblin barrel. Checkmate

  14. Also this deck doesn’t work with elexir golumn push

  15. Oj charles was my friend the one who y ok beet

  16. Oj what a beast 🔥 instead of playing cr myself , watching oj in action is more satisfying 😂🤣

  17. Oj if you get a vr headset you can play clash Royale on there but it is just a 2d screen but I think it’s fun

  18. Yildirim Arda Akbas - Classical Music says:

    This was probably the quickest and the easiest challenge in Supercell so far.

  19. 6:54 the siren again again(again again again again again again again again again)

  20. 0:58 grandmas after saying the math homework wasn't that bad right?

  21. Oj in 2016 in his how to counter e barbs video : I would keep e barbs as a defensive card in my deck.
    Oj in 2022 : do e barbs rage at the bridge 🤣🤣🤣

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