Fresh Spawns
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We take a first look at a brand new battle royale DayZ server created by @IkoneecTV, Myst, Mortack and MarieLeeloo – where 50 survivors get dropped in random locations across Chernarus. Last one alive wins! It’s like PUBG meets DayZ!

Server Names:
[EU] Vigrid | BattleRoyale – Solo – Modded
[EU] Vigrid | BattleRoyale – Solo – Vanilla
[EU] Vigrid | BattleRoyale – Max Trio – Modded
[EU] Vigrid | BattleRoyale – Max Trio – Vanilla
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We play DayZ which is one of the best survival games of 2023. If you enjoy Rust , Tarkov , Deadside or other new survival games you will enjoy this one! DayZ is an open world multiplayer pvp survival crafting zombie game with high risk, high reward player interactions. You can live off the land and hunt for food or pvp geared players and take their loot. We make DayZ videos, DayZ Streams, DayZ shorts. We do lots of DayZ tips and tricks shorts so if you’re new to the game we will have a guide for you. We will help you get from a noob on day 1 to a pro player on day 100 using our noob guides and advanced tips. We also do base raid and trap base videos which you may enjoy if you like the building and crafting aspects of survival games.

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  1. So, they just recrearted PUBG's good ol' days? lmao.

  2. Le Français au début de la vidéo : "Vous allez vous faire sodomiser" ok mec 😂

  3. I’m only coming back to the game if you do the BR

  4. This is awesome, is this available on Xbox servers?

  5. “He back in the house he’s been in the whole time but with an extra bullet in him”

    Absolutely rolling 🤣

  6. Very interesting concept. Would be cooler with vanilla stats (faster ttk, hunger, thirst, illness, harder Zs

  7. I want this on console. That would make this game way more fun.

  8. wasted an hour downloading dayz doing all the stupid mods setting survivor name and getting endless errors for no reason trying to play this. looks cool. too bad dayz is dogshit and nothing ever works XD

  9. Meh, i have thousands of hours in dayz, played since dayz mod and this looks boring, nice try.

  10. It’s crazy to think that ARMA paved the way for the best games out today

  11. Wait, so pubg? Again… 😅😂😂 Player unknowns battle Grounds, aka pubg started on Arma 2 dayz mod. History repeats itself 😂😂

  12. dayz siempre termina perdiendo gente asi metan lo q metan

  13. This is revolutionary! The idea of a Hunger Games type of game with 50 real players fighting each other to the last one standing is more than I can handle. I have a feeling that the next few years of gaming is going to revolve around this sort of experience! Very excited to see what the future holds

  14. I'm re-downloading Dayz right now after watching.😂

  15. The creators of dayz should get on this and make it their own. That’d be a game changer

  16. just remember that 10 years ago we call it Dayz surviver games.. Now it calls battle royal. Arma start first mods with only battle royals and just sometime later Pubg Battlegrounds was born..

  17. If you do a BR map ask Chocotaco if he wants to try it out. I think he would love it.

  18. That was a horrible end zone, that made it nearly impossible. Killing that person on the island opened it up for that other guy to start swinging. It definitely should have ended in a town or somewhere you can battle it out strategically with cover not wide open. There’s a bit of luck being able to get in that island.

  19. Note to Self: Do not pick up a Tundra, useless damage ;D

  20. Battle Royale is now my favourite form of playing DayZ, I used to love playing Alteria for the heavy combat experience, but thanks for sharing this, me and Sandmann have been jamming this non-stop. Yes! please host a Battle Royale!

  21. Silencers shouldn't break that easily. Maybe from using it to quickly in succession but not off you let it cool.

  22. This vid made me a subscriber. I would love a community event like this! I've been wanting to make YouTube vids forever and it would be awesome for that to be my first one ❤😊

  23. Hey im loosing health extremely fast. Lets stop and lay prone and engage in a sniper battle…

  24. You mean dayz goes back to its origin PubG?

  25. What do you think of the new DayZ Battle Royale? 🔫

    How To Play…
    Server Names:

    [EU] Vigrid | BattleRoyale – Solo – Modded

    [EU] Vigrid | BattleRoyale – Max Trio – Modded

    [EU] Vigrid | BattleRoyale – Max Trio – Vanilla
    Server Discord:
    You have to join the server before the round starts. So if you can't join, the round is probably in progress. Wait until the server pop goes down to 1, then the server will restart and you can join.

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