The NEW H1Z1... Battle Royale with ZOMBIES! -

The NEW H1Z1… Battle Royale with ZOMBIES!

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Passed Out is a brand new Battle Royale game in Early Access with 2000 zombies surrounding you! It’s last man standing until the exfil chopper arrives. This is when you need to fight off the zombie horde and extract! Let me know your thoughts in the comments and leave a like if you enjoy! Thanks for watching!

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♫ Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound

Outro Song: Blame Game – GEMINI

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▶ The NEW H1Z1… Battle Royale with Zombies!


  1. Third person shooters WITHOUT a shoulder swap feature…… are so effing prehistoric…. We in 2023 goddam it and ppl are still releasing third and first person shooters without leaning mechanics or shoulder swap…. The fk takes away from the imersion so much

  2. I hope they release this on console, this game as SO MUCH potential

  3. I think they started with the victory music and are now still trying to get the game up to the same level of quality

  4. I actually love it tommo . It felt really intense and just a good watch as well as experience

  5. the idea is good, however i dont like the look at all. Its like realistic graphics but from 2005, and the running animation is just so bad :D. I hope they put more work into this, im not sure i could watch a game where the same assets are reused over and over again, trashbags have the consistency of tungsten and the player character runs like a shinobi with his hands full.

    Great video though, the moments in the store with zombies phasing in and out trough windows was quite funny.

  6. theme song is fucking hard gets u hyped for the next win

  7. This game looks like its going to be very difficult, but for the wrong reasons.

  8. When h1z1 first added br the was a mode with zombies and it was great until they ditched it entirely later on.

  9. Awesome video – man this takes me back in some weird rose-tinted glasses way. I loved/hated H1Z1 back in the day 😅in this, the panic of the zombies feels tense, which is great. I think that, paired with fighting against other players.. yeah, things could get super spicy. They've built the overgrown world really well too I think. Also – victory song is a CHOON

  10. That ending song does not fit but it goes HARD that i almost pased out.

    I see myself out .

  11. I don't like the sound effect of running/walking. It makes no sence

  12. I played this like a year or so ago. The bots were garbage

  13. I like the video but not the game. It looked like not a fun time at all.

  14. You need to play some squad I think you’d really enjoy it

  15. You should do a game of this but with your friends in a private match like what you used to do with pubg and dmz. That would be fun. I would watch that.

  16. That extract music had me on the floor😂

  17. Nice to see PS2 finally getting into the BR game field.

  18. I honestly thought that theme song was just the video ending lol 😂 I was like wtf Tom ?? What is this

  19. that victory music def went dumdumstoopid hard

  20. I still have H1Z1 BR on my PS4 library haha I actually really liked that game played and bought the BPs from release to about the 4th season when other games came out. I even helped the sub in my old account with new updates lol

  21. This is a new game haha wth looks like a psp version

  22. I think this game is looks terrible and will immediately be a flop tbh.

  23. To many zombies and they are way to quick and the timer should not reset otherwise it is a good game.
    Yeah, try out the other Sniper Contracts games aswell. They are really good.

  24. It will be cooler if the extraction is on top of a tall building.

  25. I would play this game just to hear that end game music, damn it went so hard lmao 🤣.

  26. Looks basic but I really love the art style of this. The sense of scale and decay is better the the games it imitating

  27. bro.. i ran with this kid in an lfg chat and left after 1 game cause i knew he was cheating 🤣🤣 and yes i reported him, hes an actual kid tho hes like 13

  28. I wanna play this purely for that banger at the end

  29. You're the best YouTube,the best at call of duty.🎮😈

  30. Best at call of duty. Best YouTuber.😈😈🎮

  31. The outro music is 10/10 gonna play the game just so I can try to hear it once XD

  32. I see it every now and then when I'm looking for something new to play on PSN but I had no idea it was still getting any kind of support because it was so crap I thought it was a dead game

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