The Original Battle Royale Game is now Free to Play! -

The Original Battle Royale Game is now Free to Play!

TBAG [Epic Gaming]
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PUBG is now free to play so I decided to check it out… ENJOY! 😀






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  1. "because it is now a free to play-"
    Me who just pressed this video: finally. No more Warzone

    Also, I prefer to play on PC with Steam. But you do you

  2. Im disapointed that you didn't land in pochcinki

  3. You are playing one man squad, not solo or duo. This means u will be playing alone and fighting other team that is 4 party players.

  4. I have PS5 and PubG on FPP is the main game we play with my friends. Dunno, i generally like a classic battle royal experience and the attachment system is well made. 🙂

    Definitely its not the top of the top but it still a good game.

  5. me, as a 1000+ pubg pc player, am glad it isn't crossplay. the guns on console doesn't have recoil at all

  6. I’m not a fan of skill based match making ….. never mind 😂

  7. You were playing the no-fill mode lol! So that's 1 vs squad!

  8. Thank god i wasn't gonna pay to get this game and chose csgo a couple years back

  9. mobile (or some other platform) mfs who always had pubg mobile for free:


  10. I had a lot of fun with PUBG in the winter of 2018/2019.

    This video vaguely makes me want to play it again

    -very long queue times/loading screens
    -overly large maps
    -bad textures
    -janky movement system and climbing

    are major negatives that make me not want to play PUBG, and instead play Apex Legends and BF1. And the Witcher 3.

  11. Pubg is absolutely not the first battle royale lol

  12. Yo T-Bag you're almost at half a million subs! Congrats man

  13. Nobody:

    T-Bag: searching how to switch first person to third person in the middle of the game 👌🗿

    You can try to press random button, like me bruh 🤣

  14. These 3 croses mean that you are playing squads but your squad will not fill, there is a special solo option If you want to play it.

  15. Game has clunky had controls feels had on controller compare to fornite

  16. yea its because the game is dead. i LOVE it tho. no idea why people choose fortnite over this

  17. as shit solo is third person only?? i quit because solo FPP was just bots and a few people. guess they removed it

  18. "original"
    H1Z1: 😭
    also no. surprisingly that icon means to get randoms or just with whoever is currently in the party. the actual settings for this game make no fucking sense at all so I recommend not even bothering

  19. that ssssssssssssssssss why you should play tutorial level first

  20. Aw man, i thought he was gonna play Arma 2 Battle Royale mod when i saw "The Original Battle Royale".

  21. What do you meaaaaaaan og
    Did you forget Minecraft

  22. if your wondering why your solo but playing with squads its cross play like you said but its crossing with teams solos and duos

  23. Hello TBAG H1Z1 is the original battle royale not pubg

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