The REAL Reason Gaming Isn’t Fun Anymore -

The REAL Reason Gaming Isn’t Fun Anymore

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Most people aren’t talking about the REAL reason that gaming is no longer as fun. I don’t think many people are considering just how good we had it. Year after year getting insanely fun release after insanely fun release. New gameplay mechanics never before seen, EVERY YEAR! When you’re seeing something new every year, there inevitably will come a time where there is no longer something new to see. That’s where we are now. We’ve seen 1,000 Skyrims and 400 Battle Royale type games, but when we look back on when Skyrim and Battle Royale’s were new, of course they feel more nostalgic! When Fortnite and Warzonze and Apex legends were fun, they were new!! They’re not anymore yet that’s all we’re getting nowadays! This is the ACTUAL reason gaming isn’t fun anymore…

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  1. Games are still fun. You just have to know where to look. Japan, and older games. Games. Street Fighter 3 didn't suddely become bad because it's old.

  2. New games have two problems. That Blackrock Esg score and poor mechanics. They are all about animation very little gameplay. Overly scripted trash.

  3. This year has had some seriously banger titles that are fun such as

    Hi-Fi Rush
    Pizza Tower
    Dead Space Remake
    Resident Evil 4 Remake
    Zelda Tears of the Kingdom
    Street Fighter 6
    Final Fantasy XVI
    Pikmin 4
    Armored Core VI

    People should try playing some different games if they are starting to think that Gaming isn’t fun anymore, because that just isn’t true.

  4. gaming is dying because of everyone being money hungry and putting a paywall in a game just to have fun

  5. I like open world games, and each years there are so many open world games but no one plays them and lot of them are good.

  6. There's a huge thing you missed that I think it the main cause: Microtransactions. DLC is included with this.

    Developers have been preferring to milk a low number of games for the most profit because it's cheaper to develop just a few and shovel in many ways for people to pay for stuff than to make multiple good games. By having microtransactuons and DLC, that also means they are holding back content. Which is especially apparently when it has got day-1 MT/DLC. So you pay full price for a incomplete game, then need to spend hundreds more to complete it. But all the while the game is just less fun "because" it's not as fleshed out as it could be due to them holding back stuff for the microtransactions. They may also purposefully hinder the experience such as characters leveling more slowly if you don't pay, forcing more of a grind.

    Gone are the days where you could unlock more levels and outfits by just playing and completing stuff. Now it's all about the wallet. But even if you pay, that doesn't mean the game gets better. Oftentimes they cut corners and release really buggy games that play poorly. Day-1 patches have also become pretty commonplace, but they never seem to fix all the main issues they have anyway. So you are fighting the game along the way too. Thus you are having a lot less fun or paying to have more fun that isn't really that fun because the game itself is not designed well. They put most of the focus into the extra payment models over the gameplay, basically.

    See… When you look back at games before the microtransactions took off, things weren't that different design-wise. A New Super Mario Bros game wasn't much different from the NES Mario 3 gameplay-wise. A few powerups were different, but at the core: They are sidescrollers. What made them different was the different challenges you encounter through the different stage designs and therefor still was fun. No content was held back and thus you also didn't feel like you were missing something the whole time. Nintendo is still pretty good about that for the most part (Do research on any potential purchase anyway just in case though) while still releasing games pretty regular. A lot of other companies however like Rockstar, EA, Ubisoft, Activision/Blizzard and others have turned to the worse business model above where it's less about making something good as it is making something that yields the maximum profit. It can be argued that companies need to make profits to keep going, which I would agree with. But if they are making terrible products, then I don't care what they are selling because they are not benefiting the customer. (And not benefiting the developers either as the profits are going to the CEOs while developers like at Ubisoft can't afford lunch at the company's cafeteria. Look that up for yourself if you don't believe it.) So speaking for myself, I've started to skip games by companies such as the above entirely in favor of looking for other games that are better, complete packages.

  7. Maybe play new games. Like indies exist, or older games. Like when you rely on AAA devs to make new “innovative” games, then you’re just a retard

  8. Fortnite is just minecraft and pubg had a baby. I still didn't play that crap even at the hype of it. Pubg and minecraft were the original of gaming in their respective category, but for Fortnut GTFO here with that dog water of a clone. All they did was fuse two separate genre of gaming and got them into an incest hybrid of gen z gaming. Nothing new and nothing specially unique to the game that no one in the entire world have ever heard or even dream about. They are not new in the art style or graphics of the game, they are not new in building or shooters of gaming, they are new with the game pass or the loot box drop either.

    To believe that fortninja is innovative or revolutionary is a laughing joke. You probably think eating a knock off brand of dorito and mountain dew also world wide changing. I have grown jaded to the gaming industry because they have a design principle to not make games anymore. They make products, they do business not working on perfecting a game without a single glitch, bug, exploit. There is no games left just a waste of time and money for meaning pieces of worthless junk.

  9. Video Games 🎮 will never be boring to me. Enough said.

  10. I look at this video as an opinion. Not facts. Enough said.

  11. The internet ruined everything. We collectively killed the magic by learning how it all worked.

  12. This is why I am going to make a new innovative game! Hopefully, it'll be a classic.

  13. I love REAL games not these "free" arcade casino/infomercial BS crap…"you like this AMAZING multifunctional gun?…only €4,99!"…"want to level up?…only €2,99"…Fortnite?Vigor?Enlisted?😂…just make another Wolfenstein and i'm happy.

  14. This guy looks like he never touched a Nintendo console in his life

  15. yeah, the only thing thats really limitless is the amount of stories that can be made, they're just a lot longer and more complicated, so like you said, they take a lot longer to make.

  16. Its because companies used to invest into creativity. The only creativity Developers invest now is in 30$ cosmetic characters or backrounds… 21 savage, nicky minaj, avenger. One you‘re gonna be able to play as hitler for only 19.39$😉

  17. The biggest problem with gaming right now is that any fun game is ruined by people who think there going to be streamers and hack in the game to become that person its disgusting it even happens on console now days just let that sit in nowhere is safe anymore there is no game that is a true leveled playing feild for everyone somone always has to have the upper hand in some way

  18. Man is ignoring all the terrible monetization practices and how devs hate their customer base.

    Also zero innovation, doesn't have to be crazy, but you can't copy and paste the same game 6 times and expect people not to get bored.

  19. I got bored with games when I discovered sports and outdoor stuff as an adult. Its way more fun, physically hard, and kind of dangerous which adds an edge you can't get easily from games. Now games just seem tame. The lows aren't as low, and the highs aren't as high.

  20. Tbh i replay old games and miss the games that were deleyed /dsstroyed by devs
    Biggest example for me is homm5 vs homm 6/7
    It was better quality
    The characters and story was good
    The overall quality like look at the menu of Homm 5 its fully animated etc while 6/7 is just… Yea
    The homm 5 cutscenes vs homm6/7
    The character and monster designs and animation
    The ranom griffim existing on the map in homm5 has more animation and personality than hommm 6/7
    Homm 5 is also more fun to play than 6/7
    This is also why bld3 + witcher 3 are so fun to play
    Im fine with no Innovation tbh as long as the games are good quality
    Most games these days are boring and just want money
    Legit only new games i play is genshin, star rail, phasmophobia and old games
    Another example is overwatch
    Ov 1 was way better than 2
    Im to scarred to use vc rn cuz of the toxicity and its not worth playing

  21. i do remember playing games on the xbox 360 i use to play gears of war 2 and minecraft and all

  22. Try a game called – Foul Play on pc idk if on console

  23. I would game b02 or b03 all day but the "new" cods use something like sbmm and everyone is camping

  24. also, the second reason why gaming became boring is because that people don't accept singleplayer games, so companies are forced to make multiplayer games and the reality is that LITTERLY every multiplayer game is 80 precent filled with 6 years olds so like however how good the game is it's just going to be filled with these 7-year-olds that makes the game not fun anymore so like think of rec room every time i join a game of golden trophy i am a real try hard and i want to beat the game but every time i try to join a lobby Letterly all my teammates are these 6 year olds who don't know how to do anything they will constantly friendly fire me for some reason and they don't have a mic or can't talk or anything and also they never revive me when i die and they die every second which makes the team lose gold so EVEN if we won we will just get a bad rank and that happens with LETTERLY every lobby and skill based matchmaking won't solve anything because levels in the game Letterly mean nothing so like maybe I am a level 7 but that other guy is level 47 they are still that 6 year olds that suck also companies make their game less skill based so like if you have 1000+ hours in the game you would still lose to that one 7 year old because the game is so less skill based and it would feel the worst

  25. i miss the good old days where youtubers had a talent… and knew how to fix games and the reason games suck today is because political correctness

  26. We have to much its about finding the balance right

  27. I highly agree with sweat lords, legit a major thing that killed off games, I went into an old Roblox game to get that nostalgia, the MOST SWEATIEST kid I’ve ever seen in my life yet in a such a simple for 9 year olds, like get a life man (game was redwood prison)

  28. I play video games more now then when I did as a kid lmao.

  29. I never got bored of gaming but you didn't mention how use fighting game players are eating good, there's constant innovation in fighting games, mainly fighting games is what's keeping me going, but yes I was thinking that exact reason why people feel that way about modern gaming

  30. sometimes less is more then much. all the stuff you dont need took way to much time and its always the same.
    by the way rockstar released around like 10 dlc´s in GTA between this years and one is a new island.
    you totaly forgot the pay-to-win part and the perma updates which are sometimes just trash.

  31. Personally, I fully subscribe to "The Blue Shell Theory"

    Competition isnt fun, its hard work.
    It really is as simple as that.
    Rivalry is whats fun.

    Take away skilled based matchmaking, implement shenanigans so that shitty casuals can close the skill gap on no lifers and you get a game that replaces tedious sweat fests with memorable moments of victory despite all the odds and soul crushing defeats by the hands of lesser gamers.

    This is why modern games feel more like a second job and also why older games like mario kart are fun.

  32. I miss getting that season pass expansion pack for cod on an Xbox card back in the day

  33. Dont get me started on "Remakes".

    I deem them "De-makes" solely because every time they make a remake, instead of re-creating the same legendary game from ground up and adding more content onto the game, to improve the already perfection, they dont even bother with any of that.

    Instead, they make it somehow worse, as censorship is cranked up to max and even those with nostalgia that are being preyed on, wont hit same mark with possible little details missing or soundeffects sounding different.

    I would love to see a remake that feels like a remaster. Very late DLC to the old game that has been build from ground up essentially, instead they make bare minimum and call it a day. Paying more money for the same product you probably already bought. What's the fucking point?!
    Hell, even the series that I grew up with, Crash Bandicoot, was done dirty and moved on quickly from.

    The N.sane trilogy, could have had extra levels created for each game. The new re-creation of the unused levels from crash 1 (Only Stormy Ascent survived) and Crash 3 shown that they could make new levels/dlc for the game to expand already great trilogy of this series. (Future Tense Level)

    Instead, nope. Just move on and call it a day. Given the controls and features and techniques in the OGs are more intricate than those in the remakes, makes me still want to play the originals, due to these little niche things.

    PS. Video games are form of escapism. To escape real life and play as a bad ass or cute character bad ass that you cant in real life. The feel of empowerment is something you cant replicate in real life either, not without becoming a criminal…

  34. I think another reason is companies releasing unfinished games that can only be 'fully' enjoyed by purchasing overpriced DLCs or Battlepasses.

  35. the academic monetization destroyed the industry.
    Games used to be made by people who liked games, nerds would get together and go "you know what would be an awesome game?" and they'd make it for themselves to play, they'd share it, it would sell because it was a good game made for people who play by people who play.
    They didn't make games with an audience in mind, they didn't care to appeal to as large of a market as possible.
    Retention didn't matter, they didn't need to design games to "capture attention".

    Now, every game from CoD to Fortnite is designed to capture your attention like an MMORPG.
    Publishers need a new CoD every year, a group of people who make a good shooter (like counterstrike) only need new iterations as technology/engines progress.

    The monetization that is in every god damned game should be fucking illegal, you're paying $100 to be allowed to sit down and play a slot machine.
    Every multiplayer game has a matchmaking algorithm designed for retention, not good games, not quality matches, retention.

    Games should be released and let into the wild. If it's a multiplayer game sure maybe they can host servers/services but there should always be a server package you can run yourself.

    The game industry needs to be regulated out of profitability, lets kill AAA, and go back to games designed to be played and if you happen to sell some copies good for you.

  36. Multiplayer games arent fun because everyone is fucking stupid now and nobody can actually have fun without being a sweaty little fag and doing EVERYTHING to win like their life fucking depended on it

  37. my take is that it stopped being fun when everything went from "buy once there is your game" to "buy the game,buy the battlepass,buy the cosmetics and the things that should be free but cost money" and this made rare items go from "hey he must be playing for along time to "oh shit he has 20 dollars/euros"

  38. A game that i can't break isn't fun. When a single player game become just a run and shoot loop, it gets boring quickly.
    If i can kick things off ledges, gaslight NPCs, create a bubble of destruction capable of blowing the world while it wasn't intended, that's fun.

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