The Rise And Fall Of Clash Royale -

The Rise And Fall Of Clash Royale

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The Rise and Fall of Clash Royale – Havoc Gaming – We’ll be taking an in depth look at how clash royale became google plays game of the year to where it is today. The rise in popularity, and the fall. is it truly a dead game?

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Q&A with Drew (Supercell)

Current state of game by Chief Pekka

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  1. My first legendary was lava hound. You never forget these things. They are truly. “Legendary”. We all love cr.

    Btw good vid havoc

  2. when you come to watch this after MONK and PHOENIX update💀

  3. This game have unfair battle matching I always across a opponent with high lever card and they have card that you can't even access in arena 6 card like princess,log,miner, and prince supercell need to change the battle matching…..

    I hate this game at least make the game balanced for beginners

  4. The game is still unbalanced, bias and many errors without fixing.
    Doubt that supercell will change

  5. As a time traveler I’d like to say this information was proven otherwise

  6. I tried to comeback, but everyone just used lvl14 hog riders etc. No one actually plays for real, only easy overpowered cards

  7. The game became a pay to win fiesta that's what happened

  8. this game is so extremely unbalanced now, good thing it fell off

  9. Fun fact is cr i doing good this year

  10. I just don't like how slow the progress is I don't wanna play if I can't get a chest and I don't wanna spend money.

  11. the game is so bad….only pay to win

  12. i can tell just from the intro that youre just taking peoples words out of context for views. transformative. i guess thats true but its a damn shame.

  13. Honestly I feel like the game died with cards like mega knight and E Giant and decks like log bait. Cards and decks that take zero skill to play and are so good if you just spam them. I love Clash Royal but I really got sick of losing to mid ladder menaces.

  14. How odd that I installed clash of clans the same year as this clash royale

  15. Logbait players when you dont log their princess (you let it 3 crown):

  16. The only issue for me is it's matchmaking software. Idk who developed it but sometimes you just have to face a player who's maxed all his cards and your cards are at level 12.

  17. I think the game needs sbm bc the most annoying part is that u win 1 time next 3 games u get someone on arena 6 with all level 11s and cards u don't get til later arenas

  18. Now it's the rise and fall and rise of clash royale

  19. That game is trash Unbalanced matchmaking To be honest, my Tower lvl is 9 but i always encounter 11-13 Like WTF? Stuck at 3500 trophies This game Trash. Not entertaining! I would not recommend this game to play if you have Anger issue cuz of Unbalanced matchmaking.

  20. Legendary is Trash now it's rare but today is common and weak af

  21. I tried playing clash royale for the first time in a long while and tell me why I can't pull a single win anymore no matter what I throw I people they always seem to have the perfect counter I just uninstalled after my 9th loss in a row

  22. they just need to balance the cards that players shouldn’t have in lower arenas because they had them in the OG clash

  23. I understand how drama and all of this is, but I can even laugh at this😅

  24. Yep the game just getting worse if they rework my favorite card

  25. Because of unfair matchmaking imagine lvl8 battling lvl 10,11 &12.😑


  27. The Clash Heroes, hopefully, release it globally official. 🙏🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🌎

  28. i played this game in 2018. one time, i was currently at level 7 king, met an opponent with level 10 king. when he dropped a level 11 giant and destroyed my towers, i felt like this game should be dead right then

  29. Oh yeah clash royal will surely die because of next update

  30. Damb no one remembers the draft chest it was so smart cuz the more skill you had the better the rewards and when it came out everyone tried their hardest cuz no amazing chests to unlock as much cards

  31. It's 2023 and star points feel just as useless as before. The 1st star should have had atleast some accessory added to the appearance of troops instead of just a border to the card which only I can see not my opponent.

  32. the rise fall rise again and fall again and rise again and another fall

  33. 2022 Update – I felt like I needed to mention a thing or two since it's been almost two years since this video went up, supercell games are no longer developed by a group of 5 people, this changed in 2020-2021 when they started to expand the groups for each game. also, it seems lately things have been okay for the game, it is not nearly as dead as it was in 2020, you can say this video didn't age well, but most of it still stands true on why the game fell so hard 2 years ago and ever since, its been a steady climb back.

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