The State of Battle Royales -

The State of Battle Royales

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Today I pose the question: Is the Battle Royale genre dying? Let’s discuss it in another “Macro Thoughts” video!


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  1. Apex had me hooked on the mechanics, but the BR aspect just turns me off, we need Titanfall 3

  2. Pls tell me that titanfall 3 is gonna be next

  3. Hyper scape imo was the best BR out there, but people just complained about not being able to one-shot constantly whilst sitting in a bush 200m away. It had almost Quake-like levels of movement, a lot of verticality, and map design I wish more BRs had a.k.a an urban setting instead of the millionth fucking map that is in the middle of nowhere. It was so nice

  4. At this point in time I'm just waiting for Apex Legends to die, not because I hate the game, I had a great time with it, but because Respawn and EA are not listening to their community. I just want it to die, so I see what they have to offer us as compensation for not listening to us and thus their game dying IN THEIR HANDS.


  6. U should try r6,I just downloaded it and am having so much fun

  7. i LOVED the cycle before its rework. it was a pvpve where it felt less serious and more of a casual game

  8. I 100% agree with what is said here, but what are the chances people like respawn will actually listen, like the community has been asking ltm modes to not be ltm this for ages

  9. Hot take: BR is the worst genre ever in gaming. It has ruined many games

  10. Can we please bring back darwin project? I loved that game and it’s sad it’s dead:(. Still a tiny community tho


  12. ALGS was a blast for the first time. I would never thought viewers would grow that much watching the event in twitch or youtube

  13. I guess it's time for Respwan to start working on Titanfall

  14. I hoping its here to stay because I love apex legends

  15. Looter shooters are the next big thing and br's are getting old. I wouldm't be surprised if big br's like Apex Legends would start releasing gamemodes like looter shooter

  16. Rpg is the next genre after battle royal

  17. Little known fact about the Respawn mechanic in Battle Royales , Fortnite actually had the entire system in development in their files before Apex came out. After Apex came out it ended up looking bad on Fortnite when they finally finished and released the reboot van.

  18. I think Fortnite the only br that will last long only because it has so much content it can do

  19. Literally why I started playing arenas & it was lowkey enjoyable still apex just with different rules I was sad to hear it was getting removed because it had so much potential

  20. I am here to deliver good news
    <Death match is coming to apexlegends>
    Knowing this have a hipet day

  21. I agree with you tbh and gaming does need a shift towards other genres

  22. Who still plays br games like apex anymore, after a terrible experience with them i've gone back to my roots and played star wars games and focused on real life (best decision of my life!)

  23. I feel like this next apex season for macro is going to be really good with team deathmatch and mixtape(TDM, Gun Run, and Control in rotation) being added permanently to Apex I think it will be enjoyed

  24. Personally my main problem is being stale in between where there is no engagement

  25. I just want to say,im waiting for ana for noobs

  26. The Fact titanfall legends Is a thing. If EA didnt cencell it. We would Have fun maybe it be one of the best multiplayer games. But Ea suck. Man dont you wish that you can warp to the ea CEO and give em a slap?

  27. The revival a squadmate was the best decision they made plus removing building

  28. Bro you said that Fortnite hasn’t copy anything in a hot minute then use a video for the bird drone and shield which they copied from Crypto and Reinhart unless you edited this video way later then the video recording kinda weird

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