The Top 5 Roblox Battle Royale Games -

The Top 5 Roblox Battle Royale Games

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This is my personal opinion! If you disagree thats fine.
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Ruddevs Battle Royale:

Alone Battle Royale:

Island Royale:

I couldn’t find Prison Royale.


  1. What was the first one the first not 5 but 6 okey plz what game mode

  2. Bro you forgot to put denis youtube link you use his video you could get sewed

  3. Dude alone battle royale was such a fricken good game idk why it had to die

  4. you also need to understand people make these not roblox them selves haha. "to much like fortnite"

  5. i like it because its colorful alone be like…….

  6. Pls make a video on my game it's name is GunShot (BattleGrounds)

  7. This boy needs more subscribers everybody give them one mill

  8. what is the first game u dont say the name u do take the L at the end in the game pls say it

  9. You are wayyy to underrated. You earned yourself a sub!

  10. watched ur channel cause SOOOO BORED in quarantine instantly liked it subbed and ima head off to roblox peace!!!

  11. Strucid – fortnite

    Is royale – fortnite

    Rev br – 30% apex

    Alone br – Pubg

  12. hey bro what was the game in the back ground when you are sayin there sowmany battle royals in roblox?

  13. your voiec cute and i think your music from @macro

  14. Some of these games are extremely dead now 😭

  15. Hey stellar keep it up!👍 Your edits are good 😊

  16. BONUS: Island Royale
    5:Prison Royale

    4:Ruddevs Battle Royale

    3:Alone Battle Royale

    2:Battle Royale Simulator
    1:Strucid [BETA]

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