This Battle Royale is Shutting Down Forever.. -

This Battle Royale is Shutting Down Forever..

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This Battle Royale is Shutting Down Forever..

Welcome everyone, in today’s YouTube gaming video we re-visit a dead game called ‘Hyper Scape’. Ubisoft recently announced the Hyper Scape will be shutting down on the 28th of April. Playing Hyper Scape in 2022 brought back a lot of memories, and made me realise that this could have been one of the best Battle Royale games, it had huge potential and was very successful in its first week of launch.

If you want me re-visit other abandoned games be sure to let me know which game you want to see me do next!

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  1. This game was ass cheeks people scared to admit it

  2. They nailed the art style looks kinda like tron but a month after release i completely forgot this existed but those few hours i played with my friends where fun

  3. I hope splitgate doesn’t go down the same drain as hyperscape

  4. Anyone notice him win the game and not realize it even after post editing it

  5. what happens with the money we spent in the game? it’s the first time a game i invested money into that’s shutting down

  6. legendary game bruh i understand ur pain 😓😞😞😞😞😞

  7. Bro i bought som skinnd and now they are Shutting down

  8. Yeah uhh by the way at 6:26 you actually won the game lmao. I am gonna miss this game i still find it a lot of fun to play.

  9. I'm calling it now I bet you when this game shuts down it's going to turn into some kind of noble 14 shit

  10. in all of my time spent as part of this community, I've noticed that among some other issues, there's one reason why this game was always doomed to fail. most people just never quite understood what it takes to be good at it, or to even get a kill for some.

    in hyper scape, the first thing you have to master, and your top priority, is MOVEMENT. it is the main skill that always separated new players from the regulars.

    the rooftop chases were an integral part of what hyper scape was. winning fights came down to who was faster, not just better with their gun. if you couldn't run away from a losing battle, you were dead. if you couldn't chase down a retreating opponent, you weren't getting the kill. that's the rule.

    any ability that let you do one or both of those things would always be a top, and even a must pick. there's no denying that. and as much as they tended to prolong the fights, that wasn't always their fault. every escape ability was exploitable in some way: invisibility was easy to track down simply because of the loud noise it makes, and armor is just… obvious. meanwhile all you had to do in order to chase down a slam or teleport, was to use one of those abilities yourself.

    but how was a new player supposed to know any of that? all they would see was a fast paced br with cool movement tech that they'd never use anyway. they then would proceed to go and get immediately slammed by the people who already figured it out. and then, they would leave and never touch the game again. end of story, end of game.

    tl;dr: some of y'all missed the point

  11. I don't care if Hyperscape got shut down, it was a Battle Royale game and I don't care for that genre as much as other genres.
    I just hope they can use the gameplay and art style for other games coming out of Ubisoft. It looks super polished for being a Sci-Fi shooter and I would be down for playing other games using the game gameplay mechanics and kept the futuristic art style it had.

  12. its just suk as BR, server suked, noobs were not welcomed. the game itself shouldve released as HP2or3! too fast 4 it 2B this hardgamin

  13. I didn't even know it existed to be honest

  14. Bro I love this game I'm crying 😭😭 i still play it every day I was going to do a video about it but I found yours so I cancelled it 😭😭

  15. The game was trash from the jump. It was so generic jus like most ubisoft titles..

  16. Another problem is the game only released on Ubisoft Launcher so the exposure it gets is lower. If it were to release on Steam it would've boost the player base, Titanfall 2 got increased amount of population when it came to steam

  17. So sad, I play this Game since the close Beta and I love it. Ubisoft can make so much with this Game, but the do nothing, very sad. I think it was hard for hyperscape to grow up with valorant on the other side at the same time. I hope the bring this Game again out in few years.

  18. yep this game was at least original compared to …Valorant…

  19. This game had so much potential but they just didn’t care

  20. As much as i forgot this game existed i did play it for around 3 to 4 months when it first became popular so i am going to miss it

  21. No surprise there was a ship game and another in a long line of shit battle royale’s

  22. It’s like club penguin all over again.

  23. Y justo hace unos días recordé este juego y quise jugarlo de vuelta 🙁

  24. I played it for 2 days than uninstalled it

  25. I really hope this game has a revival or a successor one day
    It was so much fun and so unique despite its issues
    Please Hyper Scape community, let's make this game be forever in our memories

  26. This game is awesome.the only problem need to be hyped by the youtuber like this and also the server are sucks need to improved

  27. I dont remember much but i played maybe 20 matches and almost won a match but one of the abilities was a Ball, and if i remember it was indistructable and the guy that gott the crown (or whatever) had the ball and i was so mad and never played again after that.
    This had potential but im assuming the powers annoyed most players, i could be wrong though.

  28. 🙁 there’s forever a void that cannot be filled

  29. He was wrong about one thing, the wall is very good

  30. Such a pity. People would rather play bots and cheater infested games like PUBG ahahhaha

  31. Isaw one of your videos about this game then decided to download the game, then I saw this video and I said to myself"FUCK"

  32. I’m not just sad that I won’t be able to play this game anymore, but I just regret not reading all of the texts and stories every character had, and all the memories I didn’t read. I can screenshot my cosmetics and stuff, but not all these texts. I’ll miss it so much, I still remember season 1 and 2 like it was yesterday. I feel like a fool for having hope in maybe season 4, or that someone was going to buy the game to keep it going, but it simply didn’t happen. Great video btw, hope you’re doing great.

  33. Sad that it’s gonna be going away (playing currently) they really had a great idea and I loved it the abilities are just amazing and fun to use

  34. I just found out about it and its already offline. damn

  35. It's actually really sad. I have to say I played hyper scape ever since it launched I saw it when it said it was going offline I was very sad but all games will come to a end it has to be in my heart one of my favorite BR game

  36. it's funny you got sad even tho you didn't realised you won the match xD

  37. Yeah I'm really sad about it gone it was the funniest battle royal I ever played

  38. They may bring it back, they've done the same with some other games

  39. Game could've been a banger, I have so many memories

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