This Battle Royale is Shutting Down Forever.. -

This Battle Royale is Shutting Down Forever..

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This Battle Royale is Shutting Down Forever..

Welcome everyone, in today’s YouTube gaming video we re-visit a dead game called ‘Hyper Scape’. Ubisoft recently announced the Hyper Scape will be shutting down on the 28th of April. Playing Hyper Scape in 2022 brought back a lot of memories, and made me realise that this could have been one of the best Battle Royale games, it had huge potential and was very successful in its first week of launch.

If you want me re-visit other abandoned games be sure to let me know which game you want to see me do next!

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  1. coming here to share how sad I am that this game was discontinued. soooo good sooo sooo good. I hope it comes back in the future

  2. I'm sad to see the game go. The crown, ring decay, and twitch events were brilliant. I hope other BR’s adopt those features

  3. i completely blame this on ubi, they didnt advertise the property, they didnt put in the work or as much work as they could of(especially considering siege and some of the risks ubi has taken in the past) and they just let it die

  4. I planned to play hyperscape last week then I saw that it was on my PS4 anymore I was like what where’s my hyper scape so I look on internet it’s said hyperscape shut down in April I was Like No! Now I have to find a new battle Royale Game to play so I downloaded Warface

  5. Top 10 favorite game. Played it since season 1. Favorite load out is the protocol v and the harpy. It’s a shame it shut down as it was easily one of my favorite games.

  6. Yeah they need to refund everyone that put money into this game!!!

  7. Normal i heard of it once and then never heard of it ever again

  8. Splitgate came out with season 1 u gonna cheack it out ?

  9. Rip
    This game had the shortest life span ngl

  10. The constant looting in the same stairwell’s along with horrible aim assist settings for controller killed this game for me.

  11. It was a rather stupid game I'm glad no more videos popping up on my recommended

  12. Its upsetting that this game didn't grow. The main problem with it tho is that they wasn't anything new that been added, if only they changed the map just a little

  13. It just seems recently ubisoft games are dying quickly..hyperscape xdefiant frontlines heartland

  14. Shame. Game had such potential. Was more of a "chase people simulator" than a battle royale though. Well at least that's what turned me off too it

  15. i was really hyped up for this game recently, having hope & believing in it to make a come back it's just sad how i recently started playing it again and having hope just for this announcement to come about 1 week or 2 weeks after i began playing & enjoying it again. RIP Hyperscape, You Will Be Missed, Forever & Always.

  16. The is not bad gameI don't why they shut the game down for

  17. i think one of the main problems in this game for me was the time to kill, it felt like it just took too long to kill another player, especially with all the abilities allowing them to run away constantly

  18. I loved the game. all they needed to do was listen to the public. I feel like the game could’ve done better.

  19. Problem with this game for me was that it was wayyyy too hard to kill people, the autoheal was so fast and the guns did hardly any damage, so as soon as u got someone weak they would run off back to full health and there was nothing u could do. Really loved the concept and idea of the game tho

  20. I really wanted to play it but never had a chance because my pc is too trash

  21. Mirko since the game is going offline, would you like to see the competitive side of HS? It sucks this game is leaving us. We could’ve blown if the game had more popularity 🙁

  22. The reason this game died was bc Ubisoft didn’t listen to there community, if your not gonna listen to ur fan base when it comes to changes an stuff ofc it’s gonna die. In a br ur supposed to give the people wat they want. The sniper is too over powered, I hate that you can’t go threw all buildings, I hate they removed duos,an normal squads, I hate the new map, I also hate how they didn’t unvaulted the floor hack an add some kind of limit or timer when you use it,

  23. All they need to do was reduce the health to normal 100 an just add some kind of shield system in the game. Like how apex has a lvl 4 shield etc. but you just have to find the armour an you use special crystals to restore your shield

  24. I was just thinking about this game a week ago.. Always sad to see an online-only game be shut down and forever in-accessible. This game would've been great if it was an arena 6v6 or 12v12 style game. RIP HyperScape, your potential won't be forgotten

  25. Saw this video title and literally just screamed NOOOOO Like 3-4 times

  26. I don’t know if you remember mirko but I found your channel through hyperscape

  27. I started playing this game after its hype so I don’t really have the same experience

  28. It’s a shame man, I hope in the future they bring something similar out

  29. This really hurts, hyper used to be my fav game 😔

  30. Hey Mifko. I used to watch ur first apex guides, but then stopped playing apex and watching you. Two months ago I came back to apex, and I searched for your channel but I forgot what the name was…

    Finally found you! Really happy to see how you're doing.

  31. They're probably shutting down the servers to make way for Ghost Recon Frontline or XDefiant.

  32. "Battle Prime" is the New game everyone is playing for Mobile…. Ain't nobody playing PC games no more it's all about MOBILE Android.

  33. I never heard about this game. What the hell bro. Why haven't I heard about it? Well nvm. It looked cool tho.

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