This BR Game is BLOWING up... -

This BR Game is BLOWING up…

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Mini Royale is an UPCOMING Battle Royale game.

The game will be FREE TO PLAY on console and PC and is available to wishlist on steam right now. Mini Royale is the most fun i’ve had on any BR in a very long time, Maybe its the most fun. It doesnt take itself to serious which makes it very relaxing although it does have a competitive edge obviously with some skilled weapons. I Can’t wait for more to come from these awesome Devs at INDIGOBLUE


  1. Bruh animations for guns and other stuff copied from Call of duty (warzone guns too)

  2. If it's cross-play count me out I'm not going up against PC players I hate it they need to stop that

  3. If they can keep thr cheaters out, this actually looks fun for a BR.

  4. Only og's remember sarge heroes on n64 this bring back memories

  5. Is it gonna be on phone or only for the pc😢

  6. So its cod with a skin and no shield plates..

  7. Was expecting toy guns like the old n64 sarges heroes, they need to work on some weapons not just the map to make this really good

  8. Wait… this is actually coming to consoles? If so, when??

  9. This looks like it would be fun at first, but get old after a day or two. The Toy Story novelty probably won't save it from the same, over done genre of BR games

  10. Good way to show off the game by camping makes it look like call of duty camp city 3

  11. Reminds me to army man back in my childhood

  12. When I first seen this game I knew I would love it but it sucks for console gamers because as like so many other games there's people that has been playing for months before we get to touch it. When we do start to play there will be sweats all ready which will make the game suck for us hopefully they have sbmm

  13. It's like call of duty, Garry's mod, and pubg had a baby.

  14. Reminds me of Sarge’s Soldiers…I’m old 😢😅

  15. This game seems good at putting money in advertising places that people that might play this type of game would see.

  16. I hope we get a console version at somepoint. Looks amazing.

  17. I got sick of BRs a few years ago and haven’t played one but this looks like so much fun. Just hope people don’t sweat

  18. Reminds me of Army Men Sarge's Heroes from back in the day! 🤩

  19. Look forward to playing this upon its release with the community 🫡

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