THIS IS GRIT - A new Battle Royale inspired by the old west! -

THIS IS GRIT – A new Battle Royale inspired by the old west!

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Chris Haugen – Western Spaghetti
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  1. Actualy thought PUBG developer made this 😛 Looks like the same game with reskin.

  2. Man I’d love this on new consoles Xbox series x/s and ps5 with Crossplay looks really fun and console needs more BR styles plus I love western style games this reminds me of red dead revolver where it’s Arcady like

  3. not saying this game is bad or anything, because i've never played it. but it straight up looks like a wester re skin of pubg

  4. Would be great if these games hard sound indicators on screen for the hearing impaired (or those without surround.) Just a simple arrow that increased in transparency with distance. Especially if the game only has stereo sound like pubg.

  5. I don't know… I played Red Dead Online more than 300 hours and PUBG more than 600 hours. When I was playing RDO there is an elimination series and other things something like that. This game need something different.

  6. Was literally wondering why this hadn't been a thing yet, looks well done though.

  7. hey, I saw you on my favorites youtuber's video where he shot u while u were live streaming. Go check his channel. His nickname is Kaftann.

  8. "Outlaws of the Old West" meets "Totally Accurate Battle Grounds"….LOL!

  9. I love how smoky the guns are when they fire.

  10. How much did they pay you to promote this game? I used to watch you in my Pubg days and the fact you even made a video on this huge pile of dog shit is impressive. Anyone reading this do not waste your time in the test servers. Ive played androids games from 7 years ago better further along than this. This game is not even a concept at this point.

  11. Red dead has everything on their disposal to make a unique western battle-Royal but R* won't just do it. they made a pretty lazy one with extremely low player count and small areas that intensifies camping

  12. You can ride horses in Knives Out as well… Though it's a mobile game and horses are only in 1 map.

  13. Feels like BR version of RDR2.. But with way low graphics 😂

  14. WHO THE FUCK was asking himself, where are the battle royales?

  15. So is this a reskin/remix of the software behind Battlefield Heroes or Renegade Line? I looks like a rip of one of the two, skinned to look "wild west"… old game, new skin.

  16. Love this. Sick of the modern war / terrorism and medieval themes. More old west, and sci-fi for me.

  17. The physics and visuals are poor. Waste of time this game…

  18. This looks like complete trash compared to RDR2 Online.

  19. Shouldnt this video be classified as promotion?

  20. This would have been an absolute win for me if it were first person. I just have never been able to get next to the campy gameplay of third person cowards.

  21. Too bad it's third person. Also the gun sounds aren't very realistic + have you ever seen a body fly up several meters after being shot with a handgun? I'll stick to hunt showdown for now I think. This is more for the fortnite crowd.

  22. Finally, a new battle royal game. Such a novel idea…

    Fuck Epic and Timmy Tencent

  23. Looks like a Nintendo 64 game play and graphics

  24. its 2008 or what? this game looks horrible its just for making money from nft…. its pile of shit

  25. LOL, This looks like the Mobile bad version of RDO

  26. yo this looks like a steaming pile of dookie. sick!

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