This is the Weirdest Battle Royale Game -

This is the Weirdest Battle Royale Game

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Of all the Battle Royale games, Knightfall: A Daring Journey is definitely one of them.
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  1. When ever i watch smii7y and i get an ad its about Nintendo

  2. This is a lot cleaner game to watch… fun as hell, with an oddly homoerotic payoff. Also, your sick humor makes a lot more sense with two guys instead of four. Just sayin'.

  3. it's better when you realize they have to pay for these kinds of games

  4. idk why but I want this game so bad lol🤣🤣

  5. This video almost killed me while drinking, never felt chocking and weezing at the same time

  6. Tried playing this like a month ago but it’s dead. Not a single player online to get in a game with

  7. Why do you need the rose?
    Bro: I'm maidenless 😭😂

  8. Am I the only one want to see SMii7Y play Totally Accurate Battlegrounds on the channel?

  9. I don’t really like Battle Royal games but, this is too dam funny and amazing for a april fools game


  11. Ik you have almost 2 mil subs yet your still underrated as a YouTuber

  12. Did they confuse Jericho with jarusalem?

  13. after getting blasted by an AK “What time period is this” It is ye old Chicago

  14. Smii7y is a png tuber for the first minute or so of his vids

  15. Congrats🎉 on the 2mil On the second channel!

  16. Nah man Imma head out to the horse and turn on the medival drift on 😂

  17. this concept, though sad that it's dead in the water, has potential, because it's not a BR as a traditional sense, but is rather a BR racing title. towns are pitstops for refueling and the finish line is getting the rose. there could be a game with this concept.

  18. did anybody notice that the teammate who doesn't get the rose gets boobs

  19. kilometers were a thing in Greece:

    meanwhile the French over 2 thousand years later inventing the kilometer: :0

  20. K either Smucked or Titty yall choose the ship name.

  21. You really did have me at your horse can drift

  22. You have to play spiderheck it’s a game like stick fight but with spiders and laser swords and scuffed parkour

  23. Is this made by the guys who made battle cry of freedom

  24. You sounded just like the peaky fucking blinders holy shit bro 😂😂

  25. play totally accurate battle grounds

  26. i was expecting totally accurate battlegrounds to earn this title

  27. mr tumnus is a goat man not a centaur centaurs are horse men

  28. I had that game…
    But i didn't have friends to play with

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