This is what happens when I stop camping! #fortnite #gaming #bushcampdad -

This is what happens when I stop camping! #fortnite #gaming #bushcampdad

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  1. Bro hes actually legit good at this game

  2. He plays on controller and there is keyboard controls not offense

  3. I don’t believe that’s him at this point 😂

  4. It’s fake this is keyboard and he’s holding controller

  5. Thats not even him he plays on controller and the gameplays on KBM

  6. Hes on controller and it says hes editing with e he might get exposed soon😮

  7. Hes on controller but i see PC buttons on screen?

  8. I actually thought it was him, smh got my hopes up

  9. Moshe, I am the only one that noticed that was keyboard

  10. Cap cus he's on controler and thé edits ar pc

  11. Fake cause he is controller and it says e to edit

  12. But how is he holding his mouse and keyboard like that 😂

  13. is not him how canb he use e on his controller

  14. he is not bush camp dad he is swet camp dad😂😂

  15. He plays on controller. Those are keys to click to edit.

  16. Im sorry to say, but it aint him playing😢

  17. But he plays on console so why there is keyboard buttons on the walls

  18. Nice lies you almost got me there (his edit button is e and he plays on controller) like if you noticed

  19. So he plays on controller but to edit it us pc

  20. He plays on controller look at the edit button

  21. Bush camp dad so good he uses computer keyboard keys on controller!!!!😃😄

  22. It’s not him he plays on controller the vid is on keyboard and mouse

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