This just changed the gaming industry forever... -

This just changed the gaming industry forever…

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This is MASSIVE for the gaming Industry, Epic Games have revealed Unreal Editor for Fortnite and the possibilities are endless. Let’s take a look. Leave a LIKE and a comment, thanks for watching.


  1. “Sometimes a frog is just a frog” is actually pretty profound when you relate it to the princess and the frog story. Good job jack

  2. if i see keanu in my game, id lose all motivation how are we to compete with the boogeman himself

  3. i might actualy give this game a try now, ive never played it as ive always assumed its FPS for kids, and is marketed as, plus not big on battle royal games, but if we can play games like this, then why not

  4. Someone build Titanfall 3 on Fortnite UE Tool please

  5. Wow they are really stepping their game up at Epic Games, good for them and gaming as a whole

  6. Unity just threw their engine under a tank and added gasoline just in case.
    This is the awesome bright future confirmed!

  7. Pretty Damn Impressive – will be watching out for more on this! Thanks!

  8. Have they brought first person yet and better gun play

  9. This is "playpen" by Poppy from Mythic Quest lol

  10. I don't want anything from Epig and remember if something is free then youre the product. They will sell you for the chinese.

  11. just a shame EpicGames is a greedy company who doesn't care about their promises. Like Paragon, and the OG Fortnite (SWT). It was only STW (no BR shlt, and I actually tried BR from day one and it sucks.) and barely any adults played. the founder packs were going for like 150 dollars. they made so many promises, but just scrapped it all and made SWT a side gamemode with barely any updates (because the influx of kids wanted to play BR, fuk BR). I think zombie, tower defence, looter, shooter and sandbox was a great idea. but no no.

    I have never felt more scammed, than we EA put the Phantom in a stupid crate on community map after us vets spend so many hours to get it. and ffs, its not even that hard to get, I just switched to BF4 on PC about a month ago, and I already have a new Phantom from the only right place to get it. so Ive done it twice now, its still durable, even 10 years later to find a team to do it with.

  12. id love for WOW style dungeons and raids made with that engine

  13. ill start playing fortnite when it becomes roblox 2

  14. Wait til players figure out you can do all this and more by just downloading the unreal engine and using the free fortnite assets…
    And you don't have to pay 40% if you do it that way, 40% is highway robbery and the only other platform with that egregious of a cut take is Roblox (who has been under fire for literaly child slavery for a while now)

  15. It's like i just watched 10 different games in one video about one game

  16. Great! Epic Games can now have control over even more vast swaths of creative projects and impose their corporate money-grubbing BS upon them. How wonderful. Their only objective here is to capture peoples' creativity and work to make more millions while doing almost nothing original themselves. Yet another techno-feudalist rent-seeking scheme. Some freakin Landlord behavior right here. They have the keys to the tools necessary for easy game creation, and they're just gonna sit back and rake in the easy dough charging for access. Any company that describes their product as a "platform" should be regarded with intense scrutiny and distrust. How anyone can see this as a good thing for the industry is beyond me.

  17. Except nobody is going to use it… Nvidia spent years developing PhysX, nobody is using it, Nvidia spent years developing Nvidia HairWorks, I know just 2 games that used it… Nvidia spent years developing Raytracing, only a few games use it to its full potential…

  18. people dont realize fortnite is just becoming gmod.

  19. Hiring the entire modding community as contractors is absolute brilliance. Both for gamers, and as a business move.

  20. nah this is just a recreation of an existing idea. roblox/core

  21. yep, Fortnite really is not just a game. It's a playground for Epic that they can mass test using fortnite gamers and collect data at the same time. I mean, surely the vehicle physics, motorcycles, and cars in fortnite can be cloned and be applied on their future projects.

  22. Been waiting for this game to become something more then a battle royal.

  23. One thing I am concerned about the upcoming unreal/epic domination is with the increasingly easy way to obtain AAA graphic, said graphic will be the normal norm thus leaving the actual content/mechanic/gameplay of a game in second place. At least we can see photorealistic fortnite dances, that's a plus.

  24. Can someone make Destiny 2 in fortnite? Or just some sort of grindy game?

  25. I don't remember the name but this reminds me of that one game studio that tried to recreate Roblox with Fortnite graphics/art style, players make their own games and get a cut. It never got that big though, I wonder if Epic Games looked at that and said we may as well do our own.

  26. We still can't shoulder switch the camera tho… That's awful

  27. Damn some of these clips look even better than the normal game

  28. instead of making people be inspired to create original games with original characters and a set of unique colours and graphics or even developing unique game engines for their games we gonna dive into a generation of people generating cheap content with fortnite models only to get views on youtube content and we all know that gaming content on all platform became dull because games are just a whole bunch of whack for graphics whores with no soul so don't be so optimistic on this one…

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