This Mobile Battle Royale Game Is Getting SHUT DOWN... -

This Mobile Battle Royale Game Is Getting SHUT DOWN…

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“This Mobile Battle Royale Game Is Getting SHUT DOWN – Rules of Survival Shut Down Reason (Rules of Survival Shut Down Why) Dead Mobile Games – Dead Mobile Battle Royale Game (Mobile Battle Royale Games 2022) Battle Royale Games for Android/Battle Royale Games for iOS – Getting Shut Down”


Hi everyone! ExxotikGaming here with a very special video. There is some bad news: NetEase has recently announced the closure of the popular mobile Battle Royale games Rules of Survival. This game attempted to regain some traction late early this year with the release of “Rules of Survival 2.0 Mode”, essentially Escape from Tarkov Mobile, but that did not work out. They are closing game servers on June 27th at 15:00 (UTC+8), so have fun on this game while you can, because, in less than a month, you will never be able to play again! :/

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  1. feels bad for the people who spent alot of money in this game.

  2. oh man im so sad. Playing this game with my friend before covid exist we always go to computer shop after school.

  3. 2:37 it's all bots,
    Since the pandemic players mostly those who plays on internet cafe have stopped playing, now its's being forgotten,
    Cause we also have new more other games to play now,
    I played it last month and sadly there's only bots.
    9:57 why are ya scared of the bots😆
    Btw not ROS players plays mostly pc vers not the mobile, Mobile takes low advantage on pc users mostly on emulators etc.
    11:35 u killed half the bots in the server

  4. No don't play free fire trust me they use paint to lower the kill time

  5. hey theres someone replied my comment and using your name saying that he has something to give to me

  6. watermelon. This brings me back to the time when I didn't know much about shooting games

  7. I don't want to shut down it yet i still want to play it on my pc:/

  8. Tbh I wish the cod mobile Br looked like this it looks cleaner

  9. I remember being so crappy in this game while playing with my friends on public computer shops

  10. I like rules of survival when it’s first out, i made a lot of internet friends because of its, I remember abusing the shooting behind a wall bug and always get exited for new update and I always get invited to a squad because im good at the game not a pro tho, then everything become down hill since pubg and cod out, at the end everyone disappeared
    Funny how because they all grown up adults and i was like 15 years old

  11. Sadly you can't download these games anymore but you can still get them if you downloaded them before so you can still one last moment with this game also if not mentioned creativity destruction is also getting shut down for the same reason

  12. So what is going to happend to the ppl who spent money in the game this just made me not want to spend money in any game 😂 lol

  13. So netease removing all they games i was so sad about creative destruction 😔

  14. yes, nostalgic, very nostalgic for me. I used to play this game back in 2018-2020 I play this game in PC on a Computer Shop. I remember those days when the computer shop is crowded and you need to wait for hours just to get a seat😆 but covid pandemic happened, that computer shop in our street got closed. And I didn't play ROS after they declared lockdown here in Philippines. Thanks Ros for the BR experience. I now play pubg mobile, really miss those days with my classmates :')

  15. i really like this game its just suck that so many cheaters ruined it so nostalgic to me when i played it when it's prime time..❤❤

  16. It's sad that this will be shut down I'm hoping that they don't shut any other battle royal games down 😭😭😭😭😭

  17. I will forever miss you RoS this how i became a good player started with this game

  18. I played this before it feels so gud to play on i wish is back 🙁

  19. Fun fact : rules of survival is better grapicht version of free fire

  20. Guys dont worry theres a rules of surviva 2.0 in taptap its new era

  21. Lots of cheaters and that's the reason i stop playing this game

  22. Ros is trash. My first mobile br game is hopeless land now codm. Hopeless land also shut down for hackers.

  23. I like to play this game but i dont have ah pc but my phone is low divice and is lag sad

  24. What can we say… That's Netease, ladies and gentlemen. They don't like to listen to their player base. They keep pumping new items to sell without any regards to players' input on the aspects inside the gameplay itself.

    Closing LifeAfter next, please?

  25. Sir creative distraction will be shut down 😥😥😥

  26. crossfire lasted longer even it has lot of cheaters y nut this one lol

  27. I was literally waiting from 1 day from my banned account and it didn't camed back . 🙁

  28. Noh because of cheater and they copy pubg and pubg filed a case because of copying their game I don't know but that what I see in YouTube.

  29. Rules of survival was a decent game for me just scrolling through the app store on my old iPad finding rules of survival hopping trios with my friends and saying I love this game it's great but now a days for the game it just sucks but it will forever hold a place in my heart saying certified battle Royale Gem

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