This Mobile Battle Royale Game Is Getting SHUT DOWN... -

This Mobile Battle Royale Game Is Getting SHUT DOWN…

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“This Mobile Battle Royale Game Is Getting SHUT DOWN – Rules of Survival Shut Down Reason (Rules of Survival Shut Down Why) Dead Mobile Games – Dead Mobile Battle Royale Game (Mobile Battle Royale Games 2022) Battle Royale Games for Android/Battle Royale Games for iOS – Getting Shut Down”


Hi everyone! ExxotikGaming here with a very special video. There is some bad news: NetEase has recently announced the closure of the popular mobile Battle Royale games Rules of Survival. This game attempted to regain some traction late early this year with the release of “Rules of Survival 2.0 Mode”, essentially Escape from Tarkov Mobile, but that did not work out. They are closing game servers on June 27th at 15:00 (UTC+8), so have fun on this game while you can, because, in less than a month, you will never be able to play again! :/

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  1. Time passes and new will rise again Tq ROS

  2. So for people who spent money on the game if there is anything to buy then the that’s a waste of money 🤨

  3. Exxotik and nevel look alike if you don't know who nevel is he's a kid from icarly

  4. Can u buy the games for the developers also creative destruction

  5. They just need to update the graphics and game play

  6. Hey if you do watch this channel netease trying to revamp rule of survival that will be an interesting concept like new state but this time you'll do it better I know that they watch this

  7. I feel this game is too better than free fire i am ff player but the mechanism are broken i left the game but i love this game

  8. I remember that I was trying to reach 18 kill but I never got that many kills
    My highest was 17 I had so much fun.
    On iPhone 5 was perfect dude.
    Old nostalgia

  9. I feel like they should remaster this game with better anti cheat and less flashy skins

  10. What has more water than a watermelon I don't know but I wonder if a melon has water, if watermelons have water how much water does the watermelon have if it had water at all ?
    A melon would have all the water that the watermelon would want y'all…..
    The wonderful watermelon it's a wonderful wonderful fruit, is it a vegetable is it liquid I don't know but that's the truth ….
    it's watery, the water is like 97% so what's the other 3% it's got to be the Rhine that keeps the Water confined ….🤨🤔🤗😁

  11. Never played it, but It looks pretty good to me!

  12. I started my career at hopeless land😎 but i played that too😔😔

  13. i had played this game before, and i missed it but i deleted it due to fact the game likely updating and it costs 1gb+ every update
    i don't have wifi back then so i just deleted it and its so annoying you need to redownload data and resource again not to mention that i was using data cellular even 8 gb is already expensive back then

  14. Already stopped playing this game 5 years ago cause the " Cheaters " are a lot and unbearable..

  15. Heyy I'm selling my pubg mobile account for just $50

  16. What happened to 2.0 that they where working on ?

  17. I remember playing this game on my tablet 😢

  18. I noticed I can't make an account to play this game, wanted to test it out B4 shut down

  19. I thought it was new state mobile for a second because new state mobile is the best and apex mobile

  20. This game is literally pubg mobile but worse and I rather play pubg mobile than this game they got the same map and controls thank god is getting shut down and this is a horrible re-make of the official pubg mobile

  21. Noo way i remember playing Rules if Survival in like 2018 i think this was my first Battle royale game i played

  22. The filipino Ros YouTubers like yalu ok worrybear hambles me this is going to end and lost in history

  23. Bro plz check out blockpost mobile in your channel and give me your opinion

  24. Ros and freefire are kinda similar but for me the only thing similar I see with these two games are no bullet travel.And everything else is fine with Ros like recoil movement and one other thing

    Ros doesn't aim for you,their skins are awsome and the game modes are soo fun and a game mode that bets your diamonds and if you win you get free diamonds

  25. This game also destroy FF and PUBG like codm and ApexM that we have now days

  26. Bro in Philippines on internet cafe's that's so famous even

  27. Now cyber hunter is down too….. asks for updating while no new updates really exists anymore….

  28. I remember playing this with my brother on my mom’s old phone and and ipad

  29. I think they have the same devs a creative destruction the ui and Hudson are exactly the same and the game is getting shut down on the 27th

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