This MOM is a Fortnite Pro -

This MOM is a Fortnite Pro

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This MOM is a Fortnite Pro

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  1. he really wasn't lying when he said my mom plays better than you😮

  2. bro took "my mom can beat you" to another level 😭

    and yes i stole that from somewhere else i js didnt see it here so might aswell put it here

  3. Only icon skin I firmly believe the game needs

  4. What is bro talking about ☠️☠️☠️

  5. She’s a milf mom is the Fortnite legend

  6. I just imagined Benji’s mom hopping on the same game as benji just to kill him so that he can stop playing to eat lunch with her

  7. Mom: No Fortnite at night
    Son:(walks in her room)
    Mama winning the fncs

  8. "and can build better then ninja" honestly anyone can💀

  9. How is benjifishys mom getting a cup and locker bundle before nick eh 30 has a skin 💀💀💀

  10. Guys if u don’t know she is actually BenjyFishys Mom hope this helps

  11. Better building then ninja💀:
    Shows ninjas building from chapter1💀💀

  12. mom has more earnings than me and i played fortnite since season 3😭😭

  13. I was playing rocket wars with your skin and emote ob

  14. Imagine ur saying to your mom "hey mom wanna play fortnite?"

  15. And nick eh 30 still doesn’t have an icon skin

  16. This guy is obsessed with ninja. Every video…

  17. “And she has better building than ninja”
    That doesn’t say alot 💀

  18. Now that’s heart warming and kinda funny

  19. Better then ninja isn’t that impressive when you say it but she is still really good ngl

  20. Bro stop giving false information gasping her head youll some delusional ass people for just even agreeing with this kind of shit i love benjyfishy but stop with this shit social media so trash

  21. I swear lifes not fair she got famous just from being benjy fishy mom

  22. i wish my mom was this supportive about video games…

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